Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Dan Calley
Length: 8 hours, 53 minutes

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Saint’s Song is the second book of the Rebel Kings MC series and is best enjoyed after Devil’s Dance. This review may contain spoilers for the first story.

Cam and Saint are brothers in the Rebel Kings MC, and they are now in a romantic triad with Alexei, a Russian former-assassin-turned-accountant. They have survived a huge war with the Dog Crows to disrupt a human trafficking ring, thanks to Alexei’s ruthlessness and connections. But, that was not the last battle. It was only the beginning.

The Crows are restocking their numbers and they have new, sociopathic leadership who want all the Kings dead so they can easily traffic more people, as well as to avenge their dead leaders. Cam’s Kings are down in numbers, now that they’ve routed the rats from the club, so they are more vulnerable than ever. One thing in their favor is their commitment to one another, and to the remaining membership. They will die before abandoning each other, or their mission to make the roads safe from sex slavery. It’s a mission shared by unlikely partners, though, if they can be trusted.

This audiobook ranges in narration between Cam, Alexei, and Saint’s points of view. As with the first story, there are many voices, which are all rendered with unique enough intonation to determine who’s talking at the time. As it’s a dark biker romance, there are lots of moments of violence and terror. But, the romance definitely shines through in all the ways these men band together to lift one another up. This story fills in Saint’s brutal backstory, and rounds out Alexei’s present, which has always been in question. He’s a ghost in the world, by design, so he could disappear at any time. Cam’s inner circle are concerned that Alexei could be a double agent, or just up and leave, breaking Cam’s heart. The triad is also a little unusual for the brotherhood to understand, but their commitment to both Cam and Saint means they understand the connection for their sakes. There is a lot of carnage, and it’s touch-and-go regarding the lives of all three MCs. The end is happy…eventually.

I liked how the story finished up, at a point of more complete peace than the previous book, yet with enough breadcrumbs to lead into the love stories of other members of the club. It will be interesting to experience the transition of the club as they take on more legitimate activity and become more publicly benevolent.