new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week!

Things with our kitchen renovation are moving along. We have counters! Hurray! Which means we also finally have a sink, which is so nice. Right now, we have probably a day more of little fussy things left to do — leveling cabinet doors, replacing lights, tweaking molding, etc. We also still need the backsplash, but apparently we are in line for the tilers (since our counters got pushed back, we ended up having to reschedule the tile work). So that may be late this week. Then paint and we should be good to go! Of course, then we have to drag everything back from the basement and figure out where to put it ll, but that should be exciting too!

Work life has been super busy, which means I am behind on my reading, so I am spending this weekend being really lazy and trying to catch up a bit. It seems like so many great books are coming out, it is hard to resist them! I hope you are all finding some great things to read as well.

And on that note, here is what we have planned for this week:

  • Review: A Case of Madness by Yvonne Knop (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Braving the Deep End by Deanna Wadsworth
  • Review: Breathe My Name by Davidson King (Kris)

  • Audiobook Review: An Emporium of Hearts by Hailey Turner (Jay)
  • Review: Fauxmance in the Falls by J.E. Birk (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Asking for a Friend by J.J. Harper

  • Review: Finding Mr. Fabulous by Con Riley (Jay)
  • Review: A Scenic Hills Summer by Shannon Yarbrough (Camille)
  • Guest Post: Peacemaker by Morgan Brice

  • Review: Silence of the Moon by S.A. Pavlik (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: Convincing Cole by Jaclyn Quinn (Veronica)
  • Review: Summers Power by B.L. Jones (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Pictures of You by Leta Blake

  • Review: Foxy Tails by Natalina Reis (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Ineligible Receiver by Rheland Richmond and Emerson Beckett
  • Audiobook Review: The Faker Rulebook by Baylin Crow (Jovan)

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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