Today I am so pleased to welcome Michael Robert to Joyfully Jay. Michael has come to talk to us about his latest release, Rescue Me, Daddy. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Michael a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Our local and only fast food joint was where the high schoolers and recent grads hung out. I’d only been there twice with my folks so she was offering me a big deal. I wasn’t friends with any of the other teens, but I was excited to experience my new found freedom.

“Should we invite Eric?” I asked, not wanting to exclude my other quasi-friend. “That might be fun,” I added.

“For whom?” she asked. “I hate being around him while the closet case drools over you.”

“No, he doesn’t,” I protested.

“Yeah, whatever, Tim. You’re blind to people who find you attractive,” she said, distracted by me rubbing my sore wrist. She motioned to it. “Harold?” she asked.

I frowned and nodded. “You just missed him,” I said, checking to see where Mr. Hanks was. “He came in here and started up again until some random guy interrupted us and saved me. I’ve never seen him in town so I’m not sure who he was,” I added.

Her eyes widened and she stepped closer. “What’d he look like?” she asked excitedly.

“He was super handsome,” I said. “Tall and manly,” I admitted, embarrassing myself. “He was polished and dressed expensively. He had short blond hair and was tan for some reason. Oh, and you know those dents some masculine guys have in their chins?” I asked.

She nodded.

“He had one of those with blue eyes. Very manly,” I repeated. “Did I already say manly?”

“So you didn’t get a good look then?” she asked sarcastically. “Dude, that’s the fucking juice I had for ya,” she practically shrieked under her breath. “I haven’t actually seen him in person yet, but I hear he’s some hotshot city guy from California and he purchased Mrs. Bolling’s place on Shaw Street, dude.”

“How do you know he’s hot if you haven’t seen him yet?” I asked.

“I asked Ms. Henry at the post office his name and then I googled him, dude. You can’t trust Google images these days but he looked smokin’ in them.”

Shotzie said dude a lot. Most likely because that’s all she worked with. Redneck, straightlaced, countryfied dudes. I’d learned early on I had little in common with the country-fried guys, as I referred to them, around these parts. Perhaps my problems with them were because I didn’t understand the whole macho thing. I’m not going to lie, many were handsome and made my privates feel strange, but I was intimidated by most of them.

“And besides his pics what did Google reveal?” I asked, suddenly interested in learning more about the attractive man that’d just left the store an hour before.

“He’s famous as shit, dude,” she declared, her palm and fingers making it rain, indicating he was rich as well. “As in the New York Times Best Seller loaded, not to mention his latest book has been number one for like six months,” she added.

“What’s he doing in our town?” I asked.

Her face said she’d wondered the same thing. “Valentine, Nebraska? You’d think if he was rich there’d be a billion other places to live.”


rescue me daddy coverTIM MILLER

My life in Valentine, Nebraska, wasn’t easy. At just nineteen, I found myself homeless and jobless with no prospects on the horizon. A life of abuse crushed people, but I still had space in my heart for love. With the support and guidance of an elderly widower, my life finally began to turn around.

Being young and gay in a small town brought challenges but I had goals for my life, one of which was to be loved. The arrival of a world famous author to our small community turned my world upside down. What did I have to offer a man like Davis? I have nothing but my heart. I hope it’s enough.


After the end of my five-year relationship in Malibu, I was desperate for change. Even though my career was successful, I could still use an infusion of ideas for my next book. So I did the unthinkable and decided to randomly stick a pin in a map and relocate. My friends may have labeled me insane, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. A fresh start in a new town offered the chance to distract myself while I heal from the pain of a failed relationship.

Coming to the rescue of Tim on the very first day we met, was the beginning of one story I hadn’t expected. I had relocated to find a great story, but hadn’t expected to discover my own love story. Could a small town in the middle of nowhere offer a new beginning for both my heart and my career? Little did I know that small towns could have dark secrets that could threaten to shatter my heart.


Michael Robert is an author residing in Seattle, Washington. The Crow Flies Free is his debut novel. Michael enjoys traveling and he aspires to visit the locations of his upcoming novels so as to provide vivid and accurate descriptions of them. He enjoys tennis, road trips and fast cars. Please look for his future projects, the next story coming soon.

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