Today I am so pleased to welcome S.A. Pavlik to Joyfully Jay. S.A. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Silence of the Moon. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Tá grá agam duit, a rúnsearc,” he said against Damien’s lips and kissed him again and again.

Damien chuckled softly between kisses. “I don’t know what that means.”

Heat stained Alec’s cheeks. But he should probably finally reveal the meaning behind the endearment he’d used more and more often as of late. He kissed along Damien’s jaw and whispered the secret he’d kept into his lover’s ear.

A rúnsearc, my secret love. My soulmate. I love you too.”

Damien sucked in a sharp breath and kissed Alec senseless. The world could burn around them, but this was a moment for them in the middle of the chaos. Cleansing. Solidifying.


They were stronger together than they’d ever be apart.

Alec could take on the world with his soulmate at his side.

While the Irish didn’t quite have a word for soulmate between lovers, the intent was clear. His secret love. It wasn’t just some paltry phrase. He truly felt in his core that Damien had always been meant for him. Their paths had taken two and a half centuries to cross, but they’d made it. Here. Now.

The kiss broke when Damien yawned.

Alec chuckled and kissed his jaw instead. “We should get going to Alum Creek so you can rest. Do you feel awake enough to drive?”

“Yes, love. I’ll stop for some coffee at North Market first, though. To be safe.”


Could Alec’s cheeks burn any hotter than they already were?


silence of the moon coverSecrets of the Moon, Book 2

A werewolf in mourning.

Channing has been through enough trauma to bring any ordinary person to their knees, but recent events might be the final straw that breaks him. Especially when he discovers he’s lost not just the only constant in his life, but something far greater. Meanwhile, a sinister plot is brewing that threatens not only him, but the entire preternatural world. But he isn’t alone. Can the man he may be ready to love help him pick up the pieces in time?

A homicide detective with more questions than answers.

Damien O’Connor of the Columbus Police Department has seen things his colleagues could only imagine. He’s directly responsible for the loss that sends his werewolf lover hurtling towards the breaking point. While the man he’s come to love is suffering, a new case lands in his lap that leaves him questioning everything and losing more than he’d bargained for. But sometimes moving forward means stepping back and letting others shoulder the burden for a while. Can he and his team solve the case before he finds himself without a home to return to?

Silence of the Moon is Book Two of the Secrets of the Moon trilogy, an 104k-word M/M, paranormal crime/mystery romance, with a solid HFN ending. This book is NOT A STANDALONE and contains heavy spoilers for Death of the Moon. While there is a complete story arc in this book, there are plot threads ending on a soft cliffhanger that concludes the last installment of the trilogy. There is language and explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Warnings: MC with PTSD, past torture implied, dealing with grief and self-doubt.


S.A. Pavlik logoS.A. Pavlik writes what she wants to read, but it doesn’t exist… yet. An avid reader, she first discovered and promptly devoured hundreds of M/M Romance novels in 2019 and it rekindled her desire to write. She started her debut novel, Death of the Moon, the very next year.

She was born and raised in Wisconsin where it’s too cold but she loves it there anyway. She lives with her husband and her furbaby—a needy, elderly, deaf cat named Rise (Ree-say). Because who uses names that are instantly pronounceable? When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s obsessively playing video games or proving that an introvert can be an extrovert on the internet after all.


To celebrate the release of Silence of the Moon, S.A. Pavlik is giving away:

  • A signed paperback of reader’s choice: Death of the Moon or Silence of the Moon & swag pack (US winner)
  • Paperback & a mailed swag pack including a signed bookplate (International winner)

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