Today I am so pleased to welcome Myf Wren to Joyfully Jay. Myf has come to talk to us about her latest release, Viking Ink. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Suppose you went home and had a quiet night once you left us?” Mitch said as he stretched out across the sofa.

“Actually, no. Er. You know that young busker?”

“Rhys?” Mitch sat up wincing, pushing his sunglasses up so he could fix me with a bloodshot stare. “You didn’t finally hit on him?”

I stared at Mitch. “How do you know his name? Actually, how did Doc know his name? I didn’t know his name.”

Mitch rolled his eyes. “Maybe because we asked him, instead of dropping fivers in his case and talking about the weather while we made cow eyes?”

First Doc had me being a hen and a bear, and now Mitch was calling me a cow? What was it about today and animals?

I sat down on the edge of the untidy desk that served as our reception desk. I really needed to find us someone to organise this shit.

“Anyway, it was nothing like that. Those arseholes from the pub, they found him in the square and beat seven shades of shit out of him.”

Mitch sat up straighter. “That poor fucking kid. Is he okay? Did you call the coppers?”

“He was pretty banged up and shaken, but didn’t want to go to the hospital. The bastards broke his guitar and trashed his belongings, so I brought him back to mine.” I sighed, waiting for the inevitable comments from my brother.

Mitch didn’t disappoint. He smirked into his coffee before he spoke, and I looked away. I didn’t need a serving of Mitch’s teasing this early in the morning.

“So, you brought him back to yours. Big Daddy Simon to the rescue.” He grinned. “Got to say though, the guy is a cutie. Seems like a good bloke. You could do worse.”

“It’s not like that. The lad needs somewhere to stay, somewhere safe. He’s scared of something, and not just those wankers who beat him up,” I growled out.


viking ink coverTewsbury Daddies, Book 1

Rhys O’Connell doesn’t intend to stay in Sodden Tewsbury. On the run from a dark past, the only way he feels safe is to keep moving. But when a violent attack leaves him injured, he’s forced to accept help from the gorgeous ginger giant who runs the local tattoo shop—the same man Rhys has been secretly crushing on—and he soon finds himself falling further for Simon. But can Rhys trust Simon to accept the side of him that he has been forced to keep hidden—the part that loves coloring and soft toys, the part he barely understands himself?

Simon Johansen’s life is busy. Between running Viking Ink, his tattoo shop, and spending time with friends and family he doesn’t have time to go looking for romance—and after his last relationship ended disastrously, he’s not sure he wants to. But he can’t help but be attracted to the shy, pretty boy who busks in the town square, and when a chance arises to take the lad under his wing, he doesn’t hesitate. Rhys is everything Simon’s ever wanted in a baby boy—but will he accept Simon as his Daddy?

With outside forces closing in and Rhys’s past chasing him down, they’ll have to fight for their happy ending.

This book is an MM Age Play/ Age Regression romance between consenting adults.

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myf wren avatarMyf Wren lives among the gum trees and kangaroos of rural Australia with her family, a great Dane with the IQ of a potato, and a cat that is actively trying to kill her. Despite this, she still finds time to write mm romance novels where her boys are guaranteed a happy ending!



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