Today I am so pleased to welcome Linden Bell to Joyfully Jay. Linden has come to talk to us about her latest release, Ripped. Please join me in giving Linden a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Donnie pulls me under the water, wrapping his hand around our dicks, squeezing them tight, and rubbing them together.

“Fuck, Donnie.” My hips jerk and I thrust into his grip, the head of my dick catching on the rim of his. I shudder at the sensation and do it again.

“Did you see the death stares people were giving us?” Donnie murmurs into my ear. “They were so jealous. Of us. Of this.”

Who can blame them? Me and Donnie? We’re freaking fantastic together. I’m one lucky bastard. I get to touch him, kiss him, taste him. I know what it feels like to have his cock in my mouth, to have my dick in his ass, to hold him close while we breathe together.

“I wanna fuck you,” I beg.

“Then fuck me.” He rips open the pack of lube and squeezes half of it onto his fingers. He turns around and with one arm braced against the wall, he reaches behind himself with slick fingers.

I drop to my knees to watch. His ass muscles flex and relax, his hole opens up, and his fingers disappear inside. My hands shake with need as I open the condom packet and roll it on.

I sink my teeth into the firm, fleshy part of his ass before standing and pulling his hand out of the way. Donnie’s got both arms on the wall, back arched, ass stuck out for me. Water splashes across his body and he looks over his shoulder, eyes half-lidded, voice sultry. “What are you waiting for?”

Fucking hell, it’s a miracle I don’t come on the spot. “Just committing the view to memory.”

I line myself up and we both groan as I sink into him. My body fits over his so perfectly, his back against my chest, my groin flush against his ass. I nip at his neck with my teeth and slide my hands all over his chest and stomach.

“Fuck, Connor. Give it to me, darling.”


ripped coverMars Fitness, Book 1

Sometimes heartache is a blessing in disguise.

I thought my life was perfect. I lived with my amazing boyfriend. I worked with my ride-or-die best friend. I was on track to made-it-ville.

Then I came home one day to find my boyfriend sleeping with my best friend.

Now I’m lost with no one to turn to except Donnie, the silver fox who lets me crash at his house until I can figure out what the hell went wrong and how I’m supposed to fix it.

But once I’m there, I’m not sure I want to leave.

Donnie’s a lot older than me and he’s still grieving the death of his husband. My life is a trash fire and my career is non-existent. He’s a svelte spin instructor and I’m a film geek. We couldn’t be more different, but we need each other like we both need to breathe.

So maybe my boyfriend sleeping with my best friend wasn’t the worst thing to happen. Maybe it was the best. It brought me to Donnie.

Ripped is an age gap, nerd/jock, opposites attract MM romance between roommates who cuddle on the couch while watching classic movies. Expect steamy shower rooms, teary confessions, disapproving family, and brand new starts. It is the first book in the Mars Fitness series and can be read as a standalone.

CW: off-page sudden loss of a spouse, off-page homophobia, cheating secondary characters. Happily ever after guaranteed.


linden bell bio imageLinden Bell writes romance that heats you up and makes you smile. She’s a lifelong fan of romance novels and the happily ever after.

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