Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Boys with Matches is a collection of short stories from Gregory Ashe’s Flint and Tinder series. The stories are set throughout different points in the series and are intended to be read as a supplement to the main series.

Heat is set before Ember Boys, book 1 in the series, and goes back to when Emmett is still in rehab. It had great continuity to the story and the characters, although I may have preferred to read this earlier in the series and not after so much has happened to the characters, as it was a little more difficult to get back into the mindset of where they were so early in the series.

Sparks takes place between Ember Boys and Queer Fires. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Emmett wants to do something nice for Jim. But these guys cannot get the details in their personal relationship to work out no matter how hard they try.

Fuel is not canon to the series. The author stated he wrote it and, when it didn’t fit into Jim and Emmet’s story, he still liked it and offered it as a look into Jim and Emmett when they go to the beach in another time that now has to be separate from the series.

Oxygen takes place solely from Jim’s POV. We see Jim and Emmett hanging out trying to explore new aspects of their relationship.

Boys with Matches is set after The Whole World Tinder, which is the last book in this extension of the series. Emmett is interested in going to college and he and Jim take several trips to check out some schools. The best parts of the stories happen again when Vie and Emmett are on page together and there is truly something there that needs more exploration. The end of the book leads Jim and Emmett back to the location they knew they were always coming to and it’s left that there will be more adventures for this crew.

These stories show what happens in between the longer books in the series and this is the place if you want more Emmett and Jim.