Story Rating: 3.5 stars
Audio Rating: 3.75 stars

Narrator: Michael Dean
Length: 1 hour, 6 minutes

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Mob Boss is a companion story to the Marchesi Family series and features a secondary (non-Marchesi) character from book one, Lucien.

Vinnie is a lesser mob boss compared to the Marchesi family, but he allies himself with Lucien in order to help take down Lucien’s enemy. In return, Lucien grants Vinnie vengeance rights on another made man. While on the hunt, Vinnie meets Tom, a sweet, sexy concierge at an exclusive resort. Their time is passionate, and it sparks a connection neither man anticipates. Unfortunately, Vinnie’s vengeance gets in the way. Tom’s not sure what to do; learning the dark side of his commanding new lover is terrifying. Their connection has cost Tom quite a lot, and he isn’t sure he can trust Vinnie’s promises, especially after what he’s witnessed.

Will it be a one-way trip, or will Tom find continued companionship with a mob boss?

This is a short and sexy audiobook. The story is brief and begins with Tom and Vinnie already in deep with one another. Pun intended. Narrator Michael Dean has only a few voices to manage here, as the focus is completely on Tom and Vinnie, and how things change once Tom learns Vinnie’s true purpose and identity. There’s a decent bit of suspense, for Tom in any case, trying to figure out if he’s likely to be sacrificed to keep Vinnie from exposure.

This story is best understood following Lucien. It’s heavy in the sex, murder, and suspense departments, and will likely appeal to fans of mafia romance.