Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Nick never expected to go back to Split Rock Ranch. He loved the summers he spent there as a kid with his mother at his aunt’s ranch, but after his mother died, Nick never returned. It’s been twenty years and Nick has returned to the ranch. His father is forcing him to deliver some devastating news to his aunt and Nick just wants to get it over with. His arrival at the ranch doesn’t go as expected when there is a massive rainstorm. The man that comes to help him out is stunning, but Micah also has a husband and Nick finds himself attracted to both men.

Micah is married to the love of his life, Ryan. Micah wanted Ryan the moment he saw him as a teen and now their lives are perfect, with Ryan as the ranch manager and Micah training horses. He doesn’t want anything else or anyone else, but he can’t deny that Nick is hot. Ryan knows anything can happen being married to Micah and he’s on board for some casual fun with his husband and Nick. But their attraction quickly turns into feelings and the three of them just feel right together. But Micah and Ryan don’t know exactly why Nick is at the ranch and all of the possibilities they saw with the man may be over before they truly get started.

It was great to see a follow up to Micah and Ryan’s original story. Their journey started in Something Undeniable and, for the full backstory on their relationship, I would start there. Something Unexpected begins when the men have been married for three years and everything in their lives is perfect. It was great being back on the ranch and seeing how happy they are together and with their lives on the ranch. They immediately warm to Nick, as they have heard stories about him over the years. However, they didn’t expect Nick to be a slick businessman pulling up unexpectedly in his sports car and dress shoes.

Despite the circumstances that send Nick to the ranch, the story moves along at a great pace and the men gravitate and adjust easily. Maybe a little too easily in some places for me, as I would have liked to see Micah and Ryan have a conversation about the changes happening to their relationship. Nick fits in with the men and the ranch immediately and the chemistry and intimacy between the men makes for great reading.

The reason Nick is at the ranch is told from the start, but there are a few layers revealed that add to the story as it progresses, although more detail was needed for me as a whole. Nick’s father does come across as an underdeveloped caricature, but he is not on page much and his involvement in the ranch story adds the tension in the book.

This was one of the smoothest books I have read where an established couple brings in a third in a seamless manner where everyone gets what they need. The side characters also add the story here and there is a set up for more stories set on Split Rock Ranch. I enjoyed my time with the men here and will look forward to returning again.