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Toby Harris has been crushing on the hot guy who works in his building. Toby sees Quentin Carruthers often at the elevator, or at the courtyard at lunchtime, but hasn’t worked up the nerve to talk to him. Toby has never felt like enough for anyone, never believed anyone would want to keep him. He is feeling particularly unsure because deep down, Toby is a submissive and would love someone to cherish and take care of him, but his past has made him fearful that he will never find the right man. But one day, Toby takes his chance to strike up a conversation with Quentin, leading to an opportunity for the men to start getting to know one another.

Quentin has moved on from his divorce from his ex-husband, Kelly, in many ways. He and Kelly are best friends and have a great relationship, but Quentin still has some scars from the experience. Quentin knows he was too much for Kelly, wanted too much from him. While Kelly was looking for a part-time Dom in the bedroom, Quentin wanted someone who wanted his full-time caretaking. Quentin has come to understand their marriage ending wasn’t a failure for either of them, just a sign that the two of them weren’t compatible with their interests. But that doesn’t stop him from doubting himself at times and being wary as he looks to find someone new in his life.

Toby and Quentin are each nervous at first, as while the connection between them seems great from the start, neither has opened up about what they are really looking for from a relationship. But when they finally take a chance, it seems like they are a perfect fit. Things are going so well for Toby and Quentin together and it looks like something real is developing between them, but the men can’t help but be nervous, having been burned before. Now, Quentin and Toby must believe in the connection they found and trust that they are just the right match for one another.

What He Finds is the second book in E.M. Denning’s Desires: New Beginnings series. The first book, What He Learns, focuses on Quentin’s ex, Kelly, and the two make appearances in each other’s books. So I think there is some nice background understanding you will get on Quentin from reading that first story that makes these work nicely in series. That said, this one should work fine as a standalone, both for those new to this series, as well as new to the world in general in the connected Desires series.

I found Quentin an interesting character when we first meet him in book one and we are introduced to him as Kelly’s ex and best friend. There we see Quentin as the symbol of what didn’t work for Kelly, the type of relationship Kelly didn’t want, so it was fun to turn around and see Quentin find the partner that is the perfect fit for him here. Both Quentin and Toby are a little wary, each having had experiences where they wanted more than their partner wanted to give in terms of dominance or submission. But they find that they are both looking for the exact same type of dynamic and their relationship grows quickly as the pair fall hard for one another. The guys still have doubts creep in, both occasionally feeling like the other is going to change their mind and think they are too much. But overall, this story is just soft and sweet and sexy. The guys have some fears, but mostly they fall quickly and easily for one another without too many bumps along the way.

I found this story to be a really nice and easy read. It is low angst and just a lot of loveliness, perfect for when you want something warm, sexy, and comfortable. I enjoyed Quentin and Toby a lot together and am looking forward to more for this series.

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