news and notes badgeHi all! Just a quick update that won’t affect 99% of you, but just in case…

When I started Joyfully Jay, I used free Blogger as my host and so the URL was When I moved to paid hosting, I switched to WordPress and changed the URL to The first site was only up for about 9 months and then I transferred all the content here when I did the first re-design. But I kept the old one up and redirected folks to this site just in case anyone had used those old links for anything (like linking from a website to the review).

Well, I totally forgot it was even live until this week when I got some warnings from Blogger that two of the reviews were flagged as containing adult content and were pulled. Which suddenly made me remember I still had that random batch of posts live on the other site. It seems like now, 13 years later, it makes more sense to shut it down rather than having this abandoned old site floating around with outdated content.

So, all of that is to say that if for some reason you are still using one of those old links to the Blogspot site for any reason, now is the time to move it over to the current site. As I said, everything on the old site is also here (plus 12 more years of content) so there is nothing anyone should miss. Nothing will change at all with this current site and all links to will still work exactly the same. But I wanted to give a heads up just in case so everyone is aware I’m shutting the old site down by the end of the week.

Give a yell with any questions or concerns, but as I said, most of you shouldn’t ever even notice the change.


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