Today I am so pleased to welcome Aiden Ainslie to Joyfully Jay. Aiden has come to talk to us about his latest release, Ruler of the Waves. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt


Rickie’s voice interrupted my reverie. “I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to do your job, but don’t you need to touch me to feel for cracked ribs?” 

He stood still as a statue with his arms stretched out sideways. With his wavy hair and perfect physique, he reminded me of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. My hands reached out of their own volition. Carefully I let my fingers stroke up and down his sides. He felt solid and warm and so very alive. “No rib damage,” I murmured. My hands moved up to feel the unyielding hardness of his chest, his perfectly rounded shoulders and biceps. Wow! With increasing urgency, I traced the outline of his muscles all the way down to his waistband and back up again to his neck. I couldn’t get enough of the feel of his trimmed chest. It felt even better than I had imagined: soft as silk when stroked in one direction and a delightful bristle that touched a thousand sensors in my hands when brushed against the grain.

“What’s the verdict, Doctor?” Rickie enquired with a concerned expression, “Am I fit for duty?”

I gave a little laugh and nodded, “Yep. I’d say so.”

“Good,” he said, and the dimples appeared in his cheeks as he smiled, “because there is a duty I need to perform – a boyfriend duty.”

He reached forward and started to unbutton my shirt.

I stood frozen. Was this really happening? What exactly was this?

I wanted to open my mouth and ask but my breath came in ever shallower little gasps as Rickie slowly, languidly, undid one button after another. He never took his eyes off mine and all the while there was that smile. Was he mocking me? One hand started to massage my chest and shoulder while the other continued to work its way right down to the last shirt button and then… the button of my jeans.

My eyes widened and my voice came out in a hoarse croak, “What duty is it that you need to perform?” 

Rickie leaned in and kissed my chest then flicked his tongue against my nipple. I gasped and he moved up to kiss my neck.

“Correction,” he murmured, “there is a duty I want to perform.”


ruler of the waves coverLove at Lake Clyde Series, Book 3

A cute doctor in a small town

Tyler: All I ever wanted was to be a good doctor and serve the community I had grown up in. And I wanted a loving husband to share my dream of a house with a picket fence, two children and a dog. Was that so much to ask of life? Why was it so difficult to find that man?

A moody bad boy with an insatiable wanderlust

Rickie: All I ever wanted was the freedom to sail the oceans, taste salt on my lips and feel sea spray on my face. So when Tyler Matthews offers me the chance of a week’s sailing at Nantucket, I agree to go with him. The only snag – we have to convince his snooty friends that we are boyfriends. How difficult can that be? Tyler is a good friend, I know him. Surely we can pull this off.

The only danger I did not foresee was that all my dreams could be derailed if my heart became entangled with the cute doctor who is rooted to the soil like a giant sequoia.

Can love find a way to bridge the ocean-sized chasm between two men who do not appear to be destined for each other? Read the latest book in the Love at Lake Clyde series. A delicious fake boyfriend romance with many unexpected twists and turns.


aiden ainslie bio imageAiden Ainslie lives in the Diablo foothills, east of San Francisco. He grew up in various small towns and loves to draw on that small-town feel for his romances: the sense of community but also the petty grievances, intrigue and rivalries. “An author has to draw on personal experience to create authentic stories.”

According to Aiden, setting and mood are critical parts of a romantic story, hence he is always taking pictures of romantic settings to be used in future novels. Check them out on his website

When Aiden is not writing or listening to audiobooks, he likes to cycle and hike. During those solitary pursuits, he dreams up the characters and plots for his MM Romance novels. He also enjoys zipping around town on his motor scooter, drinking coffee at the local coffee shops, and watching people to get inspiration for his writing.

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