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Exclusive Excerpt

As we clamber down the stairs, the pounding on the door grows even more incessant until it flies open to reveal the furious omega on our doorstep. It looks as if Harry’s about to explode, though his murderous stare is somewhat dampened by the cute off-the-shoulder jumper and skimpy denim shorts he’s wearing. 

“Er, hey, Harry,” I say, almost colliding with Jackson as we grind to a halt. “Um… what’s up?”

“What’s up? Are you KIDDING me, Eli?” Harry’s wild eyes and frantic gestures make it clear that this is very much a rhetorical question. “We haven’t heard from you in SIX DAYS. My texts stopped being delivered to both of your phones on Tuesday. Tuesday! It’s Saturday today, Eli.”

“How did you get my number?” My poor, naïve alpha asks.

“THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Harry snaps back as Jackson tries to retreat into my tiny frame. 

Thankfully, I’m familiar enough with Harry’s tendency to overreact to know this level of dramatics could also be triggered by a misplaced shoe. So, reassured that I’m not in too much trouble, I make a beeline for the kitchen. 

“You want a coffee, Harry?” I ask as I power up the over-the-top machine.

“Yes, please,” Harry calls, peering over Jackson’s shoulder. “There’s caramel syrup in the fridge,” he adds before remembering that he’s in the middle of an outburst. “And I’m still angry at your cute little behind!” 

I chuckle as I grab the syrup from the almost-empty fridge and set the milk to froth and the espressos running. When I return to the hall, I find Harry standing with his arms crossed over his chest, his venomous glare locked on my terrified mate. 

“Harry, leave him alone,” I sigh, grabbing Jackson’s arm and pulling him into the kitchen with me. “You’re scaring him.” 

A tinkering laugh follows me as Harry closes the front door, “I know, it’s fun.”

I plonk Jackson at the dining table and resume making the coffee. 

“So, how’s married life treating the two of you? By the way, your house reeks of sex.” Harry adds without missing a beat.

“Well, this is the first time we’ve worn clothes in over five days. So, you know, your interfering ass is welcome.” I snark, wriggling my fingers at him.

“Oh, Eli’s got his claws out.” Harry singsongs, “Glad to see you’re back to your old self. Now, tell me, who was right?” He cups his hand to his ear, waiting expectantly for my answer.

I let out an exasperated sigh, “Fiiine,” I finish the coffee and hand Harry and Jackson their mugs before grabbing my own. “You were right, oh wise one.”

“Damn right I was,” Harry says, looking incredibly smug, and I laugh as Jackson’s wide eyes ping-pong between us. 

“He doesn’t say much, does he?” Harry says, leaning forward as if inspecting an animal at the zoo.

“Harry, be nice,” I rebuke, blowing on my steaming latte. 

The little imp giggles, turning to Jackson. “I’m sorry,” he’s not. “You’ll get used to me. I promise.” 

 “Thank you for calling Jonathan a dinosaur.” Jackson blurts out, finally finding his tongue again.

“Oh my god, best wedding ever!” Harry slaps the table with his free hand. “Jimmy is so happy that we don’t have to deal with that twat ever again.”

We each bask in the memory of my father storming out of our wedding until Harry finishes his coffee, sets down his mug, and resumes his guilt trip over my radio silence. 

“But seriously, Eli, I am a little pissed. I was worried when we didn’t hear from you. I know how intense this can be, and I wanted to check that you were alright.”

“I’m really sorry, Harry,” I say. “We just lost track of the days.” 

“Hmm,” Harry narrows his eyes at me. 

“How long did you hide away when you found out Uncle Jim was your true mate?” I ask curiously. 

“Five days,” he says with a wicked grin. “That’s why I was allowed to barge in on you today.”

I laugh, knowing that I’m forgiven. “God, I love you, Harry. I’m sorry I worried you.”

“I know, I know,” he says, batting off my apology. “But you’re both going to make it up to me by coming to brunch.” 

Jackson chokes on his americano. “We’re going outside?” He squeaks. 

“Yes,” Harry says gently, reaching over to rest his hand on top of Jackson’s. My eyes fixate on their touching flesh, and a feral growl rumbles out of me, echoing around the kitchen. 

I quickly clamp my hands over my mouth as Jackson looks over at me, the surprise evident on his face.

“Oh my god, Harry. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.” And, although my apology is genuine, his hand is still on Jackson’s, and if he doesn’t move it soon, I will cut it the fuck off. 


loathed omega coverThe Omegas of Windsly, Book 1

Jackson Rockford is a walking cliché. He’s handsome and rich, with dark, brooding eyes and a jawline carved by the gods. As the beloved captain of Windsly Academy’s football team, every alpha wants to be him, and every omega wants to be with him.

Well, every omega except for me.

Since our first encounter, Jackson has haunted my days and stalked my nightmares. He says I repulse him and makes sure I pay for it. Every. Single. Day.

It’s too bad that our fathers don’t get the memo…

During our last spring break, I’m faced with an impossible choice. Marry Jackson or spend the rest of my life rotting away in a golden prison.

My fate is the same either way, so I hold my head high as I walk down the aisle as the loathed omega.

I brace myself for his revulsion. But when his hand touches mine, a fire ignites in our hearts, changing us forever.

I may belong to Jackson, but now he’s mine too.

And not everyone is happy about it.

The Loathed Omega is a non-shifter omegaverse romance and the first book in The Omegas of Windsly series. Each book can stand alone, but the stories and characters are connected and will be best enjoyed when read in order.

Buckle up for a high school bully romance featuring first times, hurt/comfort, true mates, found family, off-the-charts heat, and a HEA.


K. worthy logoK Worthy is a British author. She lives with her husband, a toddler, and a menagerie of demanding fur babies.

Like most bibliophiles, she uses books to live a thousand loves and take a break from pretending to be a responsible adult.

Essential information:
– Easily bribed with lattes
– Banned from drinking margaritas after midnight
– Number of MM romance books read in 2022: 322…

Contact K:

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