Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Vasia doesn’t belong in Hell; he’s an angel. But when Vasia learned he was barren and could not form a mate bond, he had no place at home anymore and life was difficult. When he set out on his own, he wasn’t prepared to be abducted by demons and dragged to Hell as a prisoner. Now, Vasia spends his days enslaved as a healer under the constant watch of the guards.

Rone is a demon soldier who only knows how to fight. He is constantly sent back to the front lines of a never-ending battle. This last battle left him severely injured and almost dead. When Vasia puts his healing hands on Rone, their bond awakens. Rone isn’t sure what is happening and Vasia can’t believe that after being told this isn’t possible, his mate is a demon. But Vasia embraces the pull of the bond and shows Rone kindness and tenderness he never even knew existed.

Rone and Vasia can’t be separated, as the mate bond makes it unbearable. But Vasia can’t live much longer in Hell, as his light is slowly being extinguished. Rone will do anything to keep Vasia safe, including defying the King, and he will sacrifice everything to keep Vasia alive. However, it will be an arduous journey to escape from Hell.

I liked this take on angels and demons, with Vasia, an angel, being trapped in Hell. We get POVs from both characters, where the book takes place mostly in Hell. Vasia is trapped in all the ways he can be trapped. His wings are shackled and he’s a prisoner. He has a gentle nature and he knows the amount of time he can survive in Hell is limited, as his light and essence are fading. He’s shocked and horrified when he realizes Rone is his mate for two reasons. The first, he was told he could never form a bond, and the second is that Rone is a demon.

Rone is used to being strong and his injuries have nearly killed him. Vasia finds a way for the two of them to be together while Rone recovers, because the pull of the bond makes it unbearable for them to be apart. This version of Hell has a King with no mention of a Devil and while there is a little backstory on Rone, I never did feel like I had a full grasp on the world. I also wasn’t sure why the demons were engaged in battle after bloody battle and I felt like that part of the plot was talked around and not fully explained directly. I also would have like more information on Vasia’s home, which is shown briefly, and I did wonder how everyone knew that he was barren.

Vasia and Rone have the benefit of the bond making them not want to leave each other, but they fall into a rather sweet love story between the two of them despite their circumstances. They make great sacrifices for each other as they embark on a journey to be able to be together. The book opens a door for more in the series and I would definitely be interested to see what is next for the pair.