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Length: Novel


Nate’s career in the NFL is on track, but his love life….not so much. He just got out of a marriage that left his confidence shaken, but Nate’s ready to get back out there and give dating a try. When he meets Hunter at a charity carnival, Nate likes everything about the man. But their time is limited and the men make the most of the afternoon. It doesn’t seem like the men will see each other again, as they live in different countries, but Nate keeps the lines of communication open, even if he doesn’t want a relationship.

Hunter has newly discovered that he is bisexual and is looking to take that side of himself for a test drive. Nate is everything he wants and nothing he expected. Hunter feels inexperienced with having never been with a man before, but the hours he spends with Nate are some of the best moments of his life. When the men reconnect, Nate invites Hunter to Vegas for the weekend with his friends. After a lot of drinking, some cards, and a bet, Hunter and Nate wake up with rings on their fingers and with hazy memories of getting married. They both have reasons for wanting to get out of it and they both have reasons for wanting to stay in it, but it’s Nate’s agent that convinces them to ride it out for 30 days, since their pictures are all over the media.

Nate and Hunter have no issue spending time with each other in or out of bed, but as the days go by and they know that an ocean will separate them soon, they both are in danger of falling in love with their husband.

L. Blakely is a newer pen name for author Lauren Blakely, which she recently started to separate her MM titles. Limited Edition Husband is the fourth book in the Winner Takes All series where all stories are about athletes. The stories themselves mostly stand on their own, with cameos from other MCs from this series and her other series as well.

I liked Nate and Hunter and I liked this book. Nate is trying to get back in life after his divorce and his ex’s constant social media posts aren’t helping. He doesn’t want a relationship, but he does want something or someone. Hunter feels inexperienced, as he just came out as bisexual, but these guys are on fire together. Blakely always writes great intimate scenes, but these guys had that something extra for me.

They only spend one afternoon together before Hunter has to go back to England, but their connection is enough to have them wanting more. They get exactly that when they drunkenly get married in Vegas. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas and there is pressure for the men to stay together for at least a month and both men have reasons to agree to it. Their relationship is built a lot upon their time in the bedroom, but it’s easy to see how these guys fit together. We get backstory on both men woven in, along with visits from previous MCs.

My hesitation with some of this author’s books are that some have many similarities between them. Many of her books feature athletes, and many feature an American and a British MC, and their geographical distance plays a part into the stories. I also feel like I have to remember all of her characters and sometimes I feel like I am missing something, as there is often crossovers between books. While I didn’t feel that as much here, it is something I do always notice with this author’s books. Also, the blurb on this book has a couple discrepancies from the actual story, which was noted.

It’s easy to get hooked on Blakely’s men and her writing. Her books all have her certain style and I’m already looking forward to the next in the series.