Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Perry is taking over the family business after his father’s death. Perry worked closely with his father and always knew he would become CEO, but his father’s passing has left him a little unanchored and unfocused. The main part of the business is in financial trouble and, with no other choice, Perry finds himself visiting his uncle who is involved in organized crime.

Peyton has been Perry’s best friend since he protected him from bullies. Peyton has been in love with Perry for that long as well. Working as his bodyguard, Peyton knows Perry is safe, but since Perry has never been interested in men before, Peyton’s feelings have gone unrequited for decades.

Perry’s job would be a lot more difficult if Dominic wasn’t an excellent executive assistant. Dominic has a double life, though, where he’s an exotic dancer at night and those worlds were never meant to cross over. Until he finds himself giving Peyton a private dance one night. Dominic and Peyton realize they could have something special, but they know it would be so much better with Perry in their bed as well.

Perry is under an exceptional amount of pressure and making deals with his uncle could put him in even more danger. But the danger could also come at the trio from where they least expect it and their lives and their hearts will be on the line.

This book has me liking the characters, but wishing for a little better story for them. The set up works well with Peyton and Dominic both working for Perry in different roles and both being in love with him. Perry and Peyton have a long history that we are told about, but not shown, and Peyton has been in love with Perry for a long time. Peyton and Dominic never thought about each other in a romantic way, until one night at the club where Dominic dances changes that.

The relationship dynamics then change quickly. Once Perry realizes that both men are in love with him, he gets on board fairly fast with exploring that side of a relationship with them. The intimate scenes worked well, but I also would have liked to see more relationship development. Following alongside this is Perry’s business troubles and his extended family that is in the Mafia. Perry has had little contact with them, but knows where to find them and deals are made.

There is a plot line toward the end here that was clunky. It put the men in danger and, when it felt like it came out of nowhere, it detracted from the story instead of adding to it. The “bad guy” and his overly telegraphed dumping of his history didn’t work for me at all. I felt the relationship side of the story didn’t blend well with the “action” side, leaving both unfulfilled. The rest of the side characters were all interesting and seemed like they would have good stories as well and I would be interested in reading more about them and checking back in with Perry, Peyton, and Dominic in the future.