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Length: Novel


Confessions: Zayne is the continuation of Chloé, Ethan, and Zayne’s story and should only be read after Confessions: Ethan.

Zayne and Ethan met in boarding school and they developed a lifetime relationship. Ethan had no family and Zayne’s was toxic and they were the pieces that the other needed. Their lives don’t work without each other and they have created a life and a business together. They are equals in everything, but Zayne does like it when Ethan takes the lead in the bedroom or the stage in club they own as Ethan displays his dominance. They have scened with other partners in the past, but their relationship with just the two of them is everything they need until they see Chloé and realize they could use something more.

Ethan and Zayne have claimed Chloé as theirs, but Chloé doesn’t feel like she knows where she stands. Chloé also hasn’t told her three fathers and older brother that she is dating two men that are ten years older than her. And when they find out, Ethan and Zayne have absolutely no thought of backing down. As Zayne and Ethan’s relationship shifts, they know that Chloé is part of their future.

Zayne picks up where Ethan left off, with Chloé’s fathers learning about her relationship with Ethan and Zayne. They are subsequently upset that she lied to them and then have concerns about this relationship. If you have read the earlier books in this series, you will be familiar with Priest, Robbie, and Julien and know how overprotective they are of Chloé. While it is necessary to read Ethan before this book, it is not specifically necessary to read all of the extended series to follow along on this trio’s journey.

This book starts to dive deeper into the relationship between Zayne, Ethan, and Chloé. We again get points of view from all three of them, so as I noted in the previous review, having the book titled after a specific character gets confusing, as the book represents all of their journeys.

We get more backstory on how Ethan and Zayne met and how their relationship has evolved over the years. They are smoking hot together and their chemistry is amazing, but the care and love these two have for each other shines through as well. At times, it was more difficult to see how Chloé fit into their relationship and what exactly she was bringing to it. There were also times where I would have liked to hear more of Ethan and Zayne’s story, as their connection seemed so much brighter and stronger just the two of them.

This book does bring Chloé more into the relationship as the men claim her as theirs. The overall flow of the story was a bit choppy for me, as the story was going in one direction only to be abruptly moved to another location and it lacked that distinct cohesiveness I prefer.

There’s no doubt though the three of them sizzle together and the scene is set for their relationship to continue to grow and I am looking forward to seeing where the three of them wind up at the end.