news and notes badgeHi all! Some of you may remember I mentioned last week that with the changes to Twitter, many of the services that used to allow for auto reposting of blogs or other content were either disappearing or starting to charge a fee. I was debating whether to drop the Joyfully Jay reposts to Twitter or to pay to add the service back again.

In the end, I found a reasonable deal on the feature, so Twitter links are back up and running! So if you like to learn about blog posts via Twitter, you can once again find them by following me there at @jayhjay.

As a reminder, aside from checking the blog for the newest posts, there are a lot of ways you can find out about what is going on here:

  • Subscribe to our Daily Digest: Get the highlights of all of our posts each day in one email right in your Inbox! There are links to take you to each of the reviews, so this is a great way to hear about everything new.
  • Follow me on Twitter: All blog posts will once again tweet from my account with links to the blog
  • Follow Joyfully Jay Reviews on Facebook: All blog posts automatically post to our blog page on Facebook
  • Follow Joyfully Jay on Goodreads: All our blog posts are linked from our Goodreads account. Follow us there to see what we are reading and get links to our reviews. (And a HUGE thanks to Michelle for manually posting them each day!)

Thanks everyone!

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