Today I am so pleased to welcome Ariella Zoelle to Joyfully Jay. Ariella has come to talk to us about her latest release, Skip a Beat. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Chapter 2: Calixto Kellis 

“Your resemblance to me is uncanny.” Sir’s eyes traveled over me and set every nerve inside me ablaze. “You look more like me than Chance does, and he’s actually my son. It’s a little disconcerting.”

“You’ve never met my mother, if that’s what you’re worried about,” I said with a grin. “She’s from a tiny island in Greece that I can guarantee you’ve never heard of. This is just makeup and styling. Offstage, I look like the nobody college student I am.”

He held my gaze, making my breathing hitch. “You’ll be somebody, someday. My brother told me that before we came here tonight, and I laughed at him. But you proved me wrong.”

Mister feigned shock. “Are you admitting that I’m right?”

“Yes, as much as it pains me to.” Sir chuckled before holding up the CD. “Thanks for this, by the way. I’ll definitely check out the original songs.”

The idea of Sir listening to my work made me feel faint. Could I be lucky enough that a rock god like him would appreciate my lyrics? 

“It’s getting late, so we should probably let you guys get home to rest since you have work in the morning.” Mister pulled out his wallet and took out a business card to give to Kinsey. “This is my personal contact info. Let’s all meet up later when we have the time to talk.”

Kinsey reverently accepted it. “Thank you. I’d—we would appreciate that.” Ever the prepared one, he went back over to his bag and came back with a business card of his own.

Mister accepted it with a chuckle. “I can see why you play me. You’re the one who brings order to the chaos.”

“It’s perfect because he’s great at taking care of us like you do with your younger brothers,” I said.

“In that case, I’m glad you have someone like him looking out for you.” Mister pocketed the business card. 

“I need to see you again,” Sir said, but he was only looking at me. The idea that he’d want to meet with me again took my breath away. Especially because I foolishly got my hopes up that he meant naked and up close and personal. It was pointless when he had only married women in the past. He seemed to realize what he said and cleared his throat. “I mean, I’ll see you again soon.” 

“I’d love that,” I stammered, trying my hardest to play it cool, despite my inner fanboy screaming inside. What did he mean he needed to see me again? 


skip a beat coverHarmony of Hearts, Book 5

Sparks fly when Calixto meets his rock god idol, Sir Prince. But will it lead to true love?

To say I have a crush on Sir Prince is an understatement. The legendary rock star was responsible for my sexual awakening, and my heart has been devoted to him ever since. But I’m not just smitten with him during his heyday over twenty years ago. The older man has aged like a fine wine that I’m dying to swallow.

I take my obsession to the next level by playing Sir in a Four Princes tribute band. Imagine my shock when Sir shows up in my dressing room after my latest performance! Maybe it’s my imagination running away with me, but it kind of feels like we’re flirting? Or is that just his intense sexual pheromones overwhelming my fanboy heart?

I thought that would be the end of things, but then he invites me to dinner to “get to know me better.” Fingers crossed that’s code for taking me to his bedroom to indulge his sexual curiosity.

It’s foolish to get my hopes up, but what if Sir falls in love with me?

Skip a Beat is the fifth book in the Harmony of Hearts series and part of the Sunnyside universe. This novel features an age gap, rock star, gay romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and no angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.


Ariella Zoelle adores steamy, funny, swoony romances where couples are allowed to just be happy. She writes low angst stories full of heat, humor, and heart. But sometimes she’s in the mood for something with a bit more angst and drama. If you are too, check out her A.F. Zoelle books.

For real time updates on her writing progress, please join her Facebook group for exclusive teasers or follow her on Twitter or Instagram. You can also sign up for her newsletter to gain access to bonus chapters, previews of upcoming books, exclusive visual guides, and more.


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