Today I am so pleased to welcome Gin Vane to Joyfully Jay. Gin has come to talk to us about their latest release, Some Place Like Home. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Gin a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt


Carver’s smile stuck around longer, fading on his face into an expression like interest. The tension in the cab shifted to something more familiar. “So, you’re not…”

“Straight?” It was Daniel’s turn to laugh. “Hardly. People are usually surprised when they hear I had a girlfriend.”

Carver’s voice remained low, still unsure. “What is it you want, then?”

That was the question, wasn’t it? He’d been trying to find the words all week and hadn’t managed any that didn’t make him sound like some desperate cliché.

“Honestly? I want what you have. To be able to let go for once. To just let myself be.”

He didn’t know what to expect in response, but the mechanic’s smile widened to something like a grin. “That?” Carver dared to wink at him. “I think we can do.” He pulled into Daniel’s driveway and shifted into park, turning in his seat to give him full attention. “I work late tonight, but I’m not closing. You should come by. Finish the drink I owe you.”

He searched the other man’s eyes for signs of sympathy, but Carver shook his head. “It ain’t pity, all right? You can trust me on that.”

Something about how he said that made Daniel believe it. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned on familiar territory—talking shit to each other. “What, are you going to show me your moves? How you get all the guys?”

“I could.” Carver’s grin was sharp enough to cut. “Been going easy on you. On account of thinkin’ you were straight.”

“Assuming, just like the rest of them.” He smiled at the floor. “Fair warning. I’m not going to fall for your cheesy lines.”

“My lines aren’t cheesy.”

“No one ever thinks they’re cheesy,” he explained. “Just like everyone thinks they’re a good kisser.”

“I’m a good kisser.”

He met Carver’s eye. “My point exactly.”

The mechanic breathed a laugh and tipped his head away. “All I’m sayin’ is I know how to show someone a good time.”

“So show me, then.”

Carver’s gaze snapped to his, amazed. He hadn’t expected him to be so obvious—to be honest, Daniel had surprised himself. But it felt good to say what he actually meant. It reminded him of other parts of his life, of times he’d been much more comfortable taking the lead.

He gathered up his groceries and pinned Carver with a stare. A dare, if he cared to think of it that way. “If you weren’t just feeding me lines that night, then show me a good time.”

Was it his imagination, or was Carver leaning closer?

“Come by Jeanie’s and it’s a date.”

An interesting choice of words, coming from someone like Carver. “A date, hmm?”

“Yessir.” The mechanic smiled broadly. “My way.”


some place like home coverSouthern Awakenings Series, Book 2

Three weeks of playing taxi shouldn’t have him tied up in knots…

Everett says he owes him for his help at Foxland, but Carver has long been comfortable in the shadow of his unknown past. He doesn’t need the former detective to search through his life for family. No sense in holding space for something he’ll never get.

With his auto shop scraping by, he’ s back to bartending to pay the bills— and while he doesn’t want to admit it, the perk of easy company is losing its shine. Too broke to refuse the work, he gets a tip about a sedan off the highway. But the man behind the wheel quickly becomes more than he bargained for.

Daniel Henning may look like some bumbling academic, but when he brushes off the dig dirt, the man is downright gorgeous. He’s in town for three weeks and absolutely running from his baggage. Just like another college-boy that Carver used to know.

Maybe he hasn’t learned a thing if he’s willing to make this mistake twice, but it’s not just Daniel’s talent with rope that keeps pulling Carver back in. Daniel looks at him like the best parts of what he lost. If they could each escape the weight of their pasts, might they have a future together?

Only more time would tell. But Carver’s never been the kind to ask.


gin vane bio imageComphet is dead. Long live queer romance.

As a long-time reader of mystery and erotica, Gin refuses to compromise plot for spice and lives by the motto “por que no los dos?” Gin primarily writes MM and MMF, though she enjoys reading and writing lesbian romance as well.

Gin loves nothing more than the slow-burn that scalds and lives for a character redemption arc. Their novels are always full of tension and heat and often include elements of polyamory and BDSM.

When not at the writing desk, Gin can be found dancing at their pole and circus studio, knitting beside the most perfect cat, watching crime shows and Brit coms with her husband or cooking with friends and partners.

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