Today I am so pleased to welcome Jean K. Hart to Joyfully Jay. Jean has come to talk to us about her latest release, Wild Hearts Omega. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

The Gunslinger

The man towered over him, and Shiloh’s knees trembled at the sight of his chiseled jaw and piercing gaze. The scent of gunpowder and whiskey lingered around him, and Shiloh’s breath caught in his throat. He could feel the power radiating from the gunslinger’s body, and his fear and attraction mixed in a heady cocktail. He stood frozen, feeling the weight of the man’s gaze on him, and couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement at the same time.

The man tipped his head, his five o’clock shadow rough and his hands covered in red dust while he strode past Shiloh and took a seat in the corner. Shiloh swallowed the lump in his throat, wondering what he should do since Kevin was nowhere to be found. Cleveland shot him a strange look across the bar, and he knew he’d either have to pay for his drinks or leave but Shiloh didn’t want to spend his hard-earned money just yet. He’d have to search for Kevin another day, but for now he might as well enjoy himself and if it meant getting drunk with a sexy gunslinger than Shiloh was ready for it.

A low smile slithered over his lips and he signaled to Cleveland for another round knowing he was going to walk head-first into the lion’s den. If he was going to be spending his last night in Greyhounds Canyon, he might as well spend it with an alpha like him.

Rough. Dangerous. He’d probably fulfill all of Shiloh’s desires for one night. Shiloh licked his dry lips and quickly unbuttoned his shirt a bit more to expose his neck, he let his scent waft over him and that caused several heads to turn in his direction, but Shiloh only had eyes for the man in black.


wild hearts omega coverWhiskey & Scars, Book 1

Shiloh wasn’t a typical omega…

He liked his boots tall, his shirts short and his Alpha’s big and bad. He gives just as good as he takes, and he could ride a cowboy like a devil. Working at the pleasure house in Greyhound’s Canyon, Shiloh was planning to pick up his belongings and leave his life in the town of Greyhound Canyon until he met his match.

Michael Cox was a stone-cold killer.

A ruthless bounty hunter with a wiry grin, smoking hot body, and legs that would make even a bull shudder. Shiloh knew he was in for the ride of his life when Michael came to his bed.

It ends just as quickly as it starts and Michael Cox disappears like doused smoke from a fire.

Good riddance. Even though Shiloh’s heart had beaten out of his chest at the mere sight of the black leather-clad Alpha, with his wicked guns and dimpled grin, Michael Cox was the sweetest sin. In the South, we take our whiskey neat, and our scars with a dose of pride.

Shiloh was getting on just fine without him until he was taken in the middle of the night by Michael’s sworn enemies. Can Shiloh survive? Or will Michael have to unleash the animal inside him to get his Omega back?


Jean K. Hart avatarJean K. Hart is a talented romance author hailing from Toronto, Canada. Her passion for writing steamy cowboy romances has led her to create enthralling stories set against the backdrop of the American West. Jean’s love for the rugged charm and unbreakable spirit of the cowboys who shaped the frontier is evident in her work. Her vivid descriptions of the vast open landscapes, rough terrain, and untamed wildlife transport readers to a time long gone, where adventure and danger lurked around every corner. Jean’s stories feature strong and compelling characters, each with their own unique struggles and motivations. Her attention to detail and ability to craft believable relationships between her characters keep readers hooked until the very end.

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