Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


When Mason learned he was a submissive, he was devastated. After his father died, Mason grew up watching his mother be abused by one dominant after the next and Mason had no intention of ever letting that happen to himself. Yet, abuse doesn’t always look the same and, when Mason realizes he is in an abusive relationship with an older Dom, he leaves and vows never to put down roots again.

Mason has Animal Magic and that allows him to move between covens taking jobs caring for animals where needed. He scenes with random partners to take the edge off, but he is never fully settled in his own skin. When he arrives at the Meliora coven, Mason feels a difference with the coven members immediately, especially with Charlie, but Mason is determined to stay guarded at all times. The pull between him and Charlie is inevitable and Mason agrees to scene with Charlie. Charlie has a way of calming Mason and knowing what he needs, but Mason is reluctant to fully let go. Charlie wants to earn Mason’s trust and, if Mason can learn to trust again, he can have the Dom, the relationship, and the home he never knew could be possible.

Out of the Wild Night is the second book in the Coven Ties series and follows the Meliora coven. Mason’s story is new to this book, but the coven and the side characters were introduced in the first book, Oh, Sacred Dark, and I preferred that I had read them in order.

I liked Mason from the start, as we meet him as a young teen. While he lives with his mother, he is mostly on his own. The world here is built on people being dominants or submissives. Mason is devastated he is a submissive and fights his own nature, as he has no guidance of a healthy relationship.

The book is told from Mason’s point of view and we get a great sense of who he is and how guarded and traumatized he is. But, without Charlie’s point of view, it was difficult to know what Charlie needed. He was doing everything for Mason and there was little insight into what he needed from Mason. The magic here is also subdued and, in a world built on magic, I would have liked more of that aspect, as well as more world building in general.

It was good to catch up with Roman and Tyler from the first book and see where they are. I like the relationships within the coven and the atmosphere of the book and, while there there was a touch of that special something missing for me, I would check out what happens next in this series.