Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Lucas put in his time in at a well-known dance school and has the skill to go wherever he wants. But his mother’s health has kept him close to home in a small dance troupe. Still, Lucas has made a local name for himself and, when their sponsor drops out, Max steps in. Max is Lucas’ older brother’s best friend and Lucas has been in love with him for half his life. But when Lucas kissed Max years ago, Max turned him down and Lucas can’t forget.

Max is now a famous singer and musician. His goal in sponsoring the dance troupe was for positive PR and he didn’t plan to get overly involved. But when he sees Lucas dance, Max realizes quickly that Lucas is not the same teen he knew and that Lucas is also a phenomenal dancer. Max has a great idea to bring Lucas and his dance troupe on his world tour and Max expects Lucas to jump at the chance, but Lucas blows him off.

Max has no idea that Lucas has been in love with him for years and that Lucas has no interest in opening old wounds. Max never thought he wanted a relationship and his work schedule doesn’t exactly allow for that. But seeing Lucas again creates a heat that Max never expected. However, Max is in his own way and he has no idea how to reach out to Lucas to get what he wants and, if he doesn’t come up with a plan, it may be too late.

This is a story of two men trying to get together and fumbling their way through it at every turn. Lucas gives Max the cold shoulder, since he was rebuffed in the past, and Max is oblivious to what is really going on around him where Lucas is concerned.

The book sort of opens in the middle of their story. They are both into their careers, with Max a famous singer and Lucas a respected dancer. We never do get the backstory of how Max achieved the level of fame he has. Max decides he wants Lucas to choreograph his world tour (which came off as amateurish during the course of the story) and Lucas isn’t jumping at the chance, since seeing Max only causes him heartache. Then, Lucas’ brother has to give Max the “stay away from my brother talk.”

The most infuriating thing about this book is that these guys just wouldn’t and couldn’t get together. Max is hooking up with other people throughout the book and Lucas, thinking that Max isn’t interested, starts a relationship with someone else. This went on throughout almost the entire story and these guys only got together at the end, leaving little time to enjoy them together. For me, the separation and juvenile nonsense between them went on a little too long. It was completely satisfying to see them finally get together, but I did find myself frustrated with them long before that. This is an interesting twist in the genre, but the payoff came too late for this reader.