news and notes badgeHi all! I am shamelessly putting in a plug here for my amazing oldest daughter who is soon to be a first year Kindergarten teacher this fall (for those not in the US, Kindergarten is for 5-year olds and the first year of elementary school in most areas). Claudia has known she has wanted to be a teacher for about 8 years and she is unbelievably wonderful with kids (even if I do say that as her mom, lol). I am so incredibly proud of her!

She worked as a student-teacher these past two years at a school in inner city Baltimore and they have hired her onto their full-time staff. She loves the school, the kids, and the teachers. Unfortunately, however, the school doesn’t have any funds to help new teachers get set up in their classes and the teachers have to provide almost everything themselves. This is a particularly needy community in a very low-income area. Many of the kids have major food and housing insecurity. Many of them have families dealing with drug use and incarceration. So, unfortunately, most of them are not coming from homes where they can provide the classroom with their own supplies.

Claudia has put together a wish list of things she needs for her new classroom. If any of you are at all interested in donating anything to help these kids get a great start in school, she would be so appreciative. Please feel no obligation and I would never want anyone to extend themselves if they are not able. But if you feel like doing a little shopping for some fun school items, she has a list of all the things she needs. If you follow the link to the wish list and select something, it will allow you to ship it right to her and Amazon will automatically remove it from the list.

Claudia’s Teacher Wish List

Thanks for the consideration!

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