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Exclusive Excerpt

Felix insisted on cleaning up the dishes, so I pulled out the whiskey I’d sampled the night before. 

It was way too early for bedtime. The next few hours loomed ahead, and I had no idea how to fill them. Well, obviously, I knew how I wanted to fill them, but how the hell was I supposed to go from awkward conversation to seduction?

You’re probably wondering how the hell I managed to work undercover in a crime syndicate for months if I couldn’t make small talk with a guy I was interested in. 

You’re not alone.

I couldn’t shake the image of Lisa rolling her eyes at me at our next session when I tried to explain why I hadn’t talked to Felix about my feelings. Fuck.

Gripping my drink like a shield, I used one crutch to move down the counter next to the sink. It was exactly as smooth as you’re picturing. 

I propped myself up against the cabinets and set my crutch aside. Felix glanced at me but then focused on the plate he was scrubbing. I appreciated that Felix, like me, cleaned off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Did it waste water? Maybe. Did it make me feel like the dishes were cleaner? Definitely.

I cleared my throat, which made me think of my grandfather, who used to do that all the time before he spoke. Which made me feel old. Which made me ask myself why the hell would someone as young and vibrant as Felix want to spend time with a crotchety asshole like me? 

I was about to reach for my crutch again, but I caught Felix looking at me. He glanced away again, and I watched in wonder as his face turned pink above his beard. 

Holy shit, he was attracted to me. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, since we’d slept together and all. But I’d been so wrapped up in why things wouldn’t—shouldn’t—work between us I’d forgotten how much chemistry we’d had the other night. 

“Felix,” I rasped out. 

He shut the water off and carefully dried his hands on a dish towel before turning to face me. “Yes, Malcolm?” 

His face was stiff in a bland, neutral expression, but his hands were strangling the towel. 

“I can’t stop thinking about the other night.” There, that was a safe way to test the waters. He’d understand I was interested, and we could go from there. 

Instead, Felix’s face got even more stiff and he backed up a step. He set the dish towel on the countertop. I straightened in alarm. What was happening?

Felix’s plush lips flattened, and he said, “I’ve thought about it too, Malcolm, and I’m not doing it again.”

“What?” I set my drink down and reached out to touch him, but he backed up again. “I thought you enjoyed it? Was something wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I was babbling, slightly panicked. 

Felix folded his arms and lifted his chin. “You’re fine, Malcolm. You didn’t do anything I didn’t want.” I exhaled in relief. “It’s just, what happened yesterday? The bomb? It drove home how life is short, you know?” I nodded. Didn’t that mean we should seize the day? Apparently not. 

He continued. “I was fine with what we did, how it was just a hookup and didn’t mean anything. But that’s not what I truly want. I’m looking for someone who wants a commitment, a relationship.” 

I stood there, unable to speak. I couldn’t find any words. Felix’s face softened and he stepped forward, putting his hand on mine where it rested on the countertop. “Don’t think I regret what we did. I don’t. I just want more, and I’m holding out for that.” 

Without waiting for me to respond, he squeezed my hand and left the kitchen. 

I allowed myself a few seconds to process what he’d said before I grabbed my crutch, step-hopped over to the second crutch, and went after Felix into the living room. At least he hadn’t shut himself in his bedroom. 

Felix was pointedly staring at his phone, not looking in my direction.

“So, what? Am I too old and fucked-up to be in the running?” I snapped.

Felix whipped his head around to stare at me, his mouth hanging open. I grimaced and raised one hand off the handle of the crutch. “Sorry, sorry, that came out a little harsher than I meant it to.” I ran my hand over my beard. “Can I sit down?” I asked, gesturing at the open spot on the couch.

“Sure,” he said softly, still staring at me with wide eyes. 

I sat down and twisted my upper body so I was facing Felix. His knuckles were white where he clenched his phone in his lap. 

Vulnerable. Lisa said I needed to be vulnerable.

“Look, we agreed the other night was casual.” I was dying to look at my unicorn photo. Instead I settled for resting my arm against my phone in my pocket. “I know I’m not anyone’s idea of a catch.” Felix stiffened like he was about to interrupt, but I plowed on. “There’s my leg, and my head’s not so great either. And I can be kind of a dick.” There. Felix smiled. 

“But the truth is, I’ve been attracted to you since we met, and even though I’m probably not what you imagined for yourself, I’m interested in more. Um, with you.” I floundered to a stop and held my breath.


head over feels coverA luscious pet massage therapist, a gorgeous but grumpy ex-FBI agent, and glitter bombs gone deadly…


I shouldn’t be jealous of my cat. I am, though. Her pet massage therapist (who knew that was even a thing?) is exactly my type. Smart, funny, and adorable with just the right amount of meat on his bones.

But a guy like that deserves more than a grouchy forty-something ex-FBI agent with a broken body and a screwed-up brain. I’m shocked when he offers a no-strings night together, though I don’t think twice before I’m all in.

I should’ve known better, because one night will never be enough. But before I can ask Felix for more, our awkward morning after turns explosive. And not in a good way

Now I just have to keep Felix alive long enough to catch the bomber. And to capture Felix’s heart.


What would happen if everyone you’d ever dated got together and plotted against you?

For me, it’s glitter bombs. Lots and lots of glitter bombs.

Okay, maybe I deserved the first one or two. Or three. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m a better person now. I definitely don’t deserve the latest bomb—this one isn’t made of glitter. Now I’m in hiding with Malcolm, the smokin’ hot older client I just had a sizzling one-night stand with.

Malcolm might be grumpy and prickly, but to me he’s also warm, caring, and romantic. My exes can’t hold a candle to him. But all that glitters is not gold. The bomber still wants me dead, and I’m pretty sure the police arrested the wrong guy.

If Malcolm and I want our HEA, we have to identify the real culprit. I just hope it all doesn’t blow up in our faces.

Head Over Feels is a low-angst MM contemporary romance. Come for the grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity (but there are two beds, sorry), hurt/comfort, and found family. Stay for the bombs (glitter and real), the 1985 Buick Riviera convertible, dreams coming true, atoning for past mistakes, game nights, a dead body, and an online date gone very, very, wrong. HEA guaranteed!

Warnings: PTSD symptoms, bomb explosion, off-page murder, recount of dog euthanasia

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When Bix Barrow got an idea for her first book, it ended up turning into her second — and thus the first two stories in the Bent Oak, Texas series emerged. An aspiring author for most of her life, it took a foray into the MM romance genre to spark the steamy scenes and blazing banter Bix now weaves into her novels. Accompanying her on her writing exploits are her two dogs and multitude of cats (seven at last count). An avid traveler, Bix has started to view her expeditions as interviews for her future home. Born and raised in Texas, she is eager to move somewhere with fewer politicians, hurricanes and flooding. Connect with Bix at


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