Today I am so pleased to welcome Darla O’Malley to Joyfully Jay. Darla has come to talk to us about her latest release, I Never Knew. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt


I found Ryan standing in the front hallway, eating dry pancakes from a packet and looking at the framed photos on the wall before him. When he noticed me, he used a half-eaten pancake to point to a picture and said, “I’m pretty sure Mom used to be in that photo. I think Dad CGI’d her out of it or something.” 

Stepping closer to Ryan, he gestured to a small photo of a younger-looking Law standing between two small boys. Although Ryan and Cammy have similar facial features, it was easy to tell them apart. In the photo, Ryan was taller than Cammy, and his hair was just as unkempt as it was today. The image didn’t look like it had been photoshopped. “Who took the photo?” I asked. 

When Ryan didn’t answer, I turned to him. His focus was on me. 

“Do you think I’m gay?” 

I blinked a few times at the one-eighty the conversation had taken. “Umm…I’m not sure I can answer that for you,” I said slowly. 

His eyes drew down to my chest. “Are you…” he gulped, “…still, umm, wearing it?” 

Frowning, I asked, “The lingerie?” 

When Ryan just kept staring at where the outline of my bra was evident through my tight T-shirt, I began gearing myself up for an argument with the man. He’d freaked out after touching them the day I injured my foot, but I wouldn’t let him get away with whatever was happening in his head. 

“Ryan,” I said loudly to get his attention. How much weed had he smoked?

Rather than answering, he reached his hand out—thankfully, it didn’t have a pancake in it—and began following the outline of my bra with the tips of his fingers. It could hardly be called a caress with the clumsiness of it, thanks to the fact Ryan was high, but the touch still elicited a few dick twitches in my pants. 

“She ripped them off me, and every time I saw them after that, I always thought about what she did. But when I saw you wearing them…” Ryan nodded as if he’d just been asked a question, but his half-baked state was confusing. 

My mind reeled. There were several questions I wanted to ask him, but I decided to ask the one most prominent in my mind. “Who ripped something off you?” 

“My mother,” he replied, his fingers trailing a path along my chest. 

“What did she rip off you?” 


I almost gasped audibly as his words came together in my head. Disgust wasn’t why he’d run out of my bedroom like his ass had been on fire after finding a bag full of my panties. His previous question came to mind. “If you want to wear woman’s panties, that doesn’t make you gay, Ryan.” 

The lines he was drawing around my nipples abruptly stopped, and his eyes met mine. I could see the glassiness caused by the weed he’d smoked, but he also seemed to be more focused than I would’ve expected him to be. “What if I liked seeing you wearing them? Like, really liked it, y’know, if my dick liked it?”

I swallowed hard because, honestly, I didn’t know what to say to that. 

“See for yourself,” Ryan said before he took my hand and placed it over the hard bulge in his jeans.


I never knew coverRiverside Town, Book 4

Ryan Hayes wasn’t looking for a distraction from the one in five chance of him being the father to his lying, cheating, “not his girlfriend”, pregnant ex-girlfriend’s baby, but that was exactly what Elijah became. That was until the lines got blurred and Elijah became something to him that he never knew was possible: everything.

Elijah Anderson hid the struggles he faces every day to keep his diner afloat behind a smile, but Ryan saw through it and gave Elijah real reasons to smile. Though Elijah tried to fight it—Ryan may have a baby on the way and was also the soon to be brother-in-law to his best friend—Ryan seeing Elijah in his lingerie and showing how receptive he was to roleplay was Elijah’s undoing…he was hooked! He wanted to lose himself in the gorgeous, demisexual, and bi-curious man in ways he never had before.

Ryan saw how hard Elijah worked every day to make ends meet and how his generous behavior was being exploited. Not anymore.

Elijah saw past Ryan’s candid approach to dealing with his family and understood the love behind his words. They’ll see how considerate you are.

Just as Ryan and Elijah settle into their happy lives together, it gets rocked by a heavily pregnant woman wielding a hammer.

Author note: male/male romance, can be read as a standalone. Contains sexual acts between consenting adults, roleplay, sexy lingerie, and two men who never knew what love was until a heavy box was dropped on one of them.


darla O'malley avatarDarla O’Malley had been writing male/male fiction and paranormal stories as a hobby for quite a few years, until encouragement from friends and family to become a self-published author had her finishing one of her many half-written novels. She’s extremely happy she heeded their advice as having others read her creations has become an exhilarating experience.


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