Today I am so pleased to welcome Sarah Honey to Joyfully Jay. Sarah has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Stablemaster’s Heart. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Vasily took a deep breath. It had been four days since Mother had suggested Vasily practice his romantic skills on him. He hadn’t quite worked up the nerve yet, but he’d decided this morning that if he did wait until he’d gathered his nerve, his year would be over before he opened his mouth. 

Besides, it was Mother, and Vasily found that he quite liked the idea of flirting with him, even if it was only pretend. 

So now, having completed his tasks for the morning, he’d gone over to the main stable to seek Mother out and try his luck. 

He found him crouched down examining the hooves of one the guard’s horses. He squared his shoulders and stepped forward, all sorts of possible compliments floating around his brain. But when he opened his mouth, what came out was, “Your arse is magnificent in those trousers.”

Mother tensed, his head whipping up, and he looked around, eyes wide and cheeks pink. “What?”

Vasily swallowed and took a step back, regretting this already. “I said, I like…you know what? Never mind.”

Mother stood, knees cracking, and let go of the hoof he’d been holding. It took a moment, but then the crease in Mother’s brow cleared. “Wait. Was that you practicing your sweet talk?”

Vasily ran a hand down the side of his face. “It was me trying to, yes.”

“And you thought that sneaking up on a man working with horse’s hooves and telling him his arse looks good was the way to do it? Were you planning for me to get kicked in the head so you could nurse me back to health?” Mother huffed out a breath that wasn’t quite a laugh, and the mare he was working with echoed it. He ran his hand down her flank, soothing her. 

“I told you I’m bollocks at this.” The tips of Vasily’s ears burned as embarrassment raced through him.

Mother gave a wry smile. “You did mention my arse, so at least your intentions were clear. You’re just lucky that neither Ginger nor I startle easily.” 

Vasily groaned. “It was too much, wasn’t it?”

“Just a touch. Maybe next time try something simpler, like, ‘You look fine today, Moth—Jeremy.’” Mother’s lips pursed as if in disapproval. 

Vasily nodded. “I was going for charming, but then I got distracted, and that’s what came out of my mouth.” He didn’t feel the need to mention that it had been Mother’s arse that had distracted him. 

The corners of Mother’s mouth twitched like he was suppressing a grin, and he reached out and ruffled Vasily’s hair. “Ah, well. That’s why we’re practicing, right?” 

“Right.” Vasily’s heart beat faster as he looked Mother up and down. His hair was tousled, as was the shirt he was wearing. It was a muted brown, but it caught the colour of his eyes in a way that was quite fetching. Vasily cleared his throat. “Can I…can I try again?”

Mother smiled, wide enough that small creases appeared at the corners of his eyes, evidence of a life spent living and working outdoors. “Of course, Vas. You have my full attention.”


His name sounded soft in Mother’s mouth, and Vasily found he liked it there. He looked Mother over again, taking note of the arms folded over his chest and the corded muscle of his forearms. He thought briefly of commenting on those but decided to play it safe. “The, uh, the shirt you are wearing is very lovely.” 

Mother unfolded his arms and looked down at himself. “It’s brown, lad.”

“Yes, but it brings out the colour of your eyes. Which are also brown. And they’re a nice brown, too. Like cocoa, not like horseshit. Which, now I think about it, is more green than brown.”

Vasily cringed internally at the words, but Mother just shook his head and laughed. “You were doing so well there for a minute, lad. ‘Your eyes are a nice brown, like cocoa’ was a good start.”

“I spoiled it with ‘and not green like horseshit,’ though, didn’t I?”

“Just a touch. But admiring the shirt? That was good. If your man’s not interested, you can both pass it off as an observation. And if he is, he can flutter his lashes and respond. Go on and try again,” Mother said, nodding in encouragement. “Only try not mentioning shit this time.” 

“No shit, got it,” he said, grinning. “Which, let’s face it, is a good conversational guideline generally.”


stablemaster's heart coverTales of Lilleforth, Book 2

Mother Jones has spent his life working hard, running the royal stables at Lilleforth, and watching on fondly as those around him fall in love and lust.

But nobody, man or woman, has ever stoked that fire for him—right until the new royal groom barrels into his life. Vasily is all sunshine smiles, golden hair and laughter. For the first time, Mother finds himself attracted to someone, and he can’t help wondering what it might be like to court—and bed—his handsome new groom.

But Mother is over thirty, rough around the edges, and hardly a catch.

Vasily couldn’t possibly return his affections—could he?

Vasily Petrov, the fourth son of the king of Koroslova, is travelling incognito for a year. In Koroslova the old ways are the only ways, and a man being attracted to another man is unthinkable—especially if you’re a prince. But in Lilleforth, Vasily has the chance to spread his wings and explore the side of himself that he can no longer deny, and he intends to make the most of it.

Except, he’s falling for his stablemaster—and worse, Mother doesn’t know he’s a prince, and Vasily doesn’t know how to tell him. And the longer he waits, the more he fears losing what they have when the truth comes out.

This was not the plan.


sarah honey avatarSarah started life in New Zealand. She came to Australia for a working holiday, loved it, and never left. She lives in Western Australia with her partner, two cats, two dogs and a life-size replica TARDIS.

She spends half her time at a day job and the rest of her time reading and writing about clueless men falling in love, with a dash of humour and spice thrown in along the way.

Her proudest achievements include having adult kids who will still be seen with her in public, the ability to make a decent sourdough loaf, and knowing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.

She has co-authored both the Bad Boyfriends, Inc and the Adventures in Aguillon series with Lisa Henry. Socially Orcward, the third book in the Aguillon series, was runner up in the Best Asexual Book category in 2021’s Rainbow Awards.


To celebrate the release of The Stablemaster’s Heart, Sarah is giving away e-copies of The King’s Delight. Three winners will be chosen! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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