Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Benjamin is getting on in years, even for a vampire. Turned in the 1600s, he’s seen a lot of life and a lot of death. Right now, Benjamin’s seeing more death than he should because the baby vampire taking his class in Egyptology is also taking out his students. A half dozen have stopped coming to class, but of those six, only a few dropped the class. The others simply … vanished.

Clove, the baby vampire, sees two things in Benjamin: Authority and desire, both of which he wants for himself. Abandoned by his maker, Clove’s never had an older vampire to show him the ropes of his new life. Clove is alone, isolated, and relying on his bravado to cover his ignorance, and Benjamin seems to be the perfect answer to Clove’s question. He’s also hot and wants to fuck Clove as much as Clove wants to be fucked by Benjamin.

And then Sage walks through the door. Sage, Benjamin’s human blood slave who takes an instant interest in Clove, all but licking his lips and stripping at the sight of the young man. It’s not that Benjamin minds the idea of bringing a third into their relationship, but a baby vampire is a dangerous creature, one who doesn’t know his own strength or his own hunger.

At 300 plus years old, Benjamin never thought he’d become a Daddy.

The book starts fast; it’s not that it skips over anything — the relationship building, the world building, the establishing of dominance and safe-words … it just goes through them so quickly there’s barely any time to breathe. And that’s, for me, my main nitpick with this book. Sage goes from being sweet, horny, and subservient to being angry about not being made a vampire with no real buildup. It’s just sex one moment, a brief mention of the passage of time, and then Sage screaming that he doesn’t want to be a pet anymore, he wants to be an equal.

While this — his feelings, his interpretation of the relationship he and Benji share — adds layers both to his character and to his position as a blood slave, it feels like an utter 180. Sage goes from begging to be able to keep Clove to demanding Clove turn him. All of this leads to some rather interesting world building on turning a vampire, and what a vampire’s life is like in those early moments and days of undead-hood.

As characters, Benjamin, Clove, and Sage aren’t all that complex and the book seems to want to get from that initial meeting to — quoting Sage — the fun, sexy times. As such, their personalities are quickly laid out. Benjamin, who desires control; Clove, who is all Id and passion; and Sage, who is a joyful free spirit who loves both the freedom to be themselves that Benji has given them, and the power he and his blood have over their two vampire lovers.

All in all this story is pleasantly written, if a bit frantically paced and with a great emphasis placed on telling rather than showing. To be fair, this is a novella, but reading it left me feeling breathless. Even so, it’s a light, very quick read, and if you give it a try, I hope you enjoy it.