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Midnight had his heart broken centuries ago and he is still too afraid to try love again. But for some reason, Midnight can’t get the human he saved out of his head. Midnight gave Tru his number, but he didn’t want to push things with the obviously terrified man. However, Midnight still can’t stop thinking about him. When Midnight sees Tru once again and in need of help, he doesn’t hesitate to step in and do whatever he can.

Tru knows he is in over his head. After his sister was filmed in a vulnerable position, Tru is determined to get the tapes back before the gang that took them can leak the video. Tru’s sister is now in rehab and Tru wants her to be able to move on with her life without the fear of exposure. Not to mention that Tru’s father is a prominent businessman and the whole family would suffer if the video got out. Tru is determined to get the tapes back from the gang leader who has them, but making that happen is not easy. Tru doesn’t have the street skills to take on the gang, despite his best efforts.

While Tru’s attention was recently caught by the sexy man who helped him out of trouble, he knows he can’t get involved until the situation with his sister is resolved. But when Tru is almost killed and Midnight rescues him once again, it gives him a chance to get to know Midnight better. Tru knows finding out Midnight and his brothers are assassins should scare him away, but instead he appreciates their commitment to help him with his quest. For some reason, Tru feels a connection to Midnight and he trusts him implicitly.

Midnight will do anything for Tru, but tracking down the guy who has the tapes is proving more difficult than expected. Having Tru with him is a delight and Midnight can’t deny the connection he feels toward him. But Midnight had his heart broken when his last love couldn’t accept his vampire nature and he can’t help but worry that opening himself up to love again will lead to a repeat of the past. With Midnight’s vampire family at their side, Tru and Midnight are determined to track down the bad guys who have the video Tru needs. But even if they can put that behind them, Midnight needs to trust in Tru’s love enough to tell him the truth about himself and the life they could have together.

Forever Midnight is the second book in Mia Monroe’s Immortal Assassins series. This story has a slight overlap with Eternal Syn, as the event where Tru and Midnight first meet takes place at the end of that book. The group of vampires at the center of the series also are part of each other’s stories. That said, I think this book gives you the background you need to jump in here if desired. Like the first book, this story pairs a protective vampire with a human who is strong and confident, but also in need of help. There is a good balance here between Tru needing Midnight and accepting his help, but Midnight also respecting Tru’s independence and being there to support Tru, but not to smother him. Tru has taken on more than he can handle, but he is determined to help his sister and Midnight is there to back him up. As with the first book, expect some grisly killing of bad guys and a look into the seedier side of town. Note that this story does reference sexual assault, threat of rape, and non-consensual filming of sex, though nothing is shown on page. (As a note, do people really record sex videos on “tape” anymore? Wouldn’t this all be digital?)

Midnight is so drawn to Tru, but he is worried that when he reveals his true nature, it will destroy things like with his past relationship. His instinct is to want to ensure Tru is all in before opening up, but Tru rightly notes it is not fair for him to be all in while Midnight is hiding things. So the men have to navigate that balance and I think it is done well. The romance takes an interesting twist in the way that Midnight’s past affects things between them. I don’t want to reveal too much, but it adds some unique elements and I think comes together well by bringing in past experiences but not having them take over things between Tru and Midnight. This is pretty much an instalove story and I would have loved to see more romantic development between the men. It just felt fast and a little too easy and pat. Then again, this series has a fated mates element, so a quick move to love is not unexpected.

I think Monroe does a nice job here hitting the series beats, while still making this one distinct enough from the first book. I’ll be curious to see how things expand as we get further into the series.

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