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Length: Novel


Tom Whitford doesn’t really enjoy being called a legend—it just makes him feel old. At 37 years old, he knows his days as a professional player in the Premier League are numbered, but he has no idea who he is if he’s not an athlete. Tom has been closeted his entire life and, while he would prefer it to be different, his career didn’t allow for coming out. But he does have his son, Keegan, and a great relationship with his ex, Courtney, and Tom’s not about to let the new rookie, Archie, kill his vibe. But Archie is sure sweet to look at.

Archie Milligan is the newest player on the Croydon Pride team after being outed by his former team. Archie never wanted to stay in the closet, but his teammates didn’t take the news well and it was time for Archie to find a new pitch to play on. Archie has had a crush on Tom his entire life and he can’t believe he gets to be his teammate. Although Archie would like a lot more with the man, Tom can’t get past their age difference and Tom can’t figure out how to move on with his life. But Archie is incredibly tempting and Tom is about to give in.

Legend starts the new Pride F.C. series that revolves around professional athletes in England. It’s a light and easy read about two athletes at different points in their lives and careers coming together to create their own happiness.

Archie is all young energy and unfiltered mouth. Tom is all growly and not interested in seeing a hot, young athlete join his team that he knows will throw his world into chaos. Tom has been Archie’s idol his entire life and he cannot believe he gets to train with the man and he has no issue flirting relentlessly with Tom, although Archie has no idea that Tom likes men. Tom is at the point in his career that he has no idea how to come out, even if he wanted to, and right now he doesn’t.

Things move really easily for these men. Tom’s son is enamored with Archie and his ex is his best friend. Tom and Archie fall into a relationship, their families and teammates are accepting of their status right away, and there is a cast of side characters on the team that all have their backs. Even the late story drama works out easily, although it was something that was a big issue for Tom throughout the entire book.

There looks to be more stories for teammates and this is a good book to start a series about athletes with little drama and good feels all around.