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Length: Novel


Jamie’s been under a lot of stress. He has a new movie coming out, a stalker, and he’s pretty sure it’s time to break up with his girlfriend. His heartbreak — and hers, of course — will do wonders for his publicity. Needing to unwind, Jamie decides to head to a local BDSM club. Tonight, they’re showcasing shibari, and the golden viking of a man on stage has Jamie thinking of things he never knew he wanted.

All his life, Jamie’s known that he’s a Dom. A top. The one calling the shots, dictating the pace, and taking his pleasure. But something about the blonde Dom on stage has Jamie wishing, for the first time, that someone else had control over his life. His staring doesn’t go unnoticed, and the man, Finn, gives Jamie his number. It’s funny how life works, because Finn happens to be traveling to Finland on the same plane with Jamie. In the seat next to him. That’s because Finn is a stuntman there to help Jamie with his sword fighting scenes, which puts Jamie in mind of swords of a different sort altogether.

Jamie’s stalker isn’t pleased at this new man in Jamie’s life and leaves a clear warning: Jamie is his. Finn, understandably, doesn’t take kindly to this. Now, it’s the two of them giving in to temptation, and trying to find out who wants to hurt Jamie.

This is the first book in the Northbound series, which follows a variety of couples in Finland, each with a supernatural twist. The books are meant to be read as standalones, and since this is the first book in the series, there’s no need to worry about having read any other books or catching up on the couples.

Jamie is under a lot of stress. He’s an in-demand actor who enjoys action films, all of which require strict schedules, stunts, and his entire focus. One bad day could leave him injured and unable to work, after all. Add to this the constant pressure of someone stealing his things, leaving him notes, scaring him … it’s just too much. His temper’s too short and he knows it; he’s on edge and needs some release, and he finds it in Finn. Finn who not only takes control of the situation, but also Jamie. He’s safe, protective, and, as a fellow Dom, he knows how to help Jamie through his first submissive experiences.

As for Finn, he felt an instant connection to Jamie, a sense that the two of them were meant to be together, and he’s not going to let it go. Jamie brings out his protective urges; he wants to tuck him in at night, hold him close, make him feel loved and safe … and fuck him into the mattress at the same time. Finn’s more physical than Jamie, less in his head and emotions, but the pair complement one another well.

Character-wise, the couple works. The writing is decent, but the pace is a bit slow; there’s a lot of time spent on the sex and relationship, less time on the plot, which whizzes past and winds up faster. The world building, with the paranormal elements of Norse myths (trolls, elves, draugur, demons, and fae) is so lightly touched on it felt, at times, to come out of nowhere. However, one part I appreciated, which is a mild spoiler…

Throughout the book, I was wondering

Spoiler title
why Jamie didn’t go to the police when he knew he was being stalked, why he was overlooking obvious clues and behaving irrationally … and it was answered at the end. It answered the question without making the character stupid, and tied nicely into the paranormal elements in the book.


Midnight Sun is an uneven read, but a light and easy one.