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Tanner has always pushed down his feelings for men. He was happily married to a woman for years and, when she died and his personal life became complicated, he needed to unload a ton of stress. Tanner found that in rough sex with men. He didn’t want a relationship, and he didn’t want a repeat, and he didn’t want to touch a man in return. He still has lingering issues in his personal life that he can’t face because his children come first. Except sticking his head in the sand isn’t easing his anxiety. Despite him being wealthy, Tanner’s business has taken a financial hit and he doesn’t want to talk about the solution right in front of him. What is interesting Tanner at the moment is Deacon, his daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Deacon who is gorgeous and younger and takes control when they are alone.

Deacon loves being a teacher. While it’s not a rule not to get involved with a parent, Deacon knows Tanner is a bad idea. Deacon likes that Tanner is older, but he doesn’t like that Tanner hasn’t acknowledged his feelings for men and Deacon isn’t going to be used. But the attraction between them is something they can’t ignore and when Tanner wants more from Deacon, Deacon has to decide how to navigate getting the man he has always wanted.

Mr. Nice Guy is the third book in Isla Olsen’s Suits & Sevens series. The timeline does overlap with book two, Mr. Right Now, and there are recurring characters from the series, but it is possible for Tanner and Deacon’s story to stand alone if you didn’t want to know all the details throughout the book that pertain to other characters. And, since the last book in this series came out about two years ago, even if you have read that book, it might not be fresh in your mind anyway.

Tanner could be a difficult character to like. He has two older children and, when his wife died, part of him died as well. He now also has a five-year-old daughter with special needs and he’s devoted to her. His personal life is complicated and it’s affecting his mental health and everything in his life and he also isn’t talking about it with anyone. He’s focused on his billion dollar business, as it’s having financial issues, but at one point he talks about the “most viable option for getting back in the red.” And I don’t think a billionaire truly wants to keep or bring his business into the red. The book overall had too many typos in it and it would be helpful if a more clear version gets uploaded. Tanner also can’t face his attraction to men and finds hookups so he can be dominated for stress relief, but the thought of touching a man is repulsive to him. So yeah, Tanner can be a lot at first glance.

Deacon is younger than Tanner and more secure in who he is. He can’t believe he has a shot with Tanner, but then he wants to keep things in the friend zone, as he doesn’t like how Tanner wants to treat him at first and wants more than Tanner is able to give. I did appreciate that Deacon stood up for how he wanted to be treated. Deacon’s brothers and friends are present and we get glimpses of a few different storylines that have happened during the series.

There is late story drama with Tanner’s personal life, but then things get wrapped up easily as the men begin to build their life together. If you have been following this series, this is the time to check out the latest installment and catch up with the Suits and Sevens series.

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