Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Nick Lindsay, also known by his drag name of Merante Bane, has been with James for thirty-five years – ever since James turned him into a vampire. Nick is eternally youthful as a result, and Merante Bane draws lots and lots of sexy young admirers to the Blue Moon Club, which James owns. James and Nick have talked often about bringing in a regular third to their relationship, but Nick is nervous about upsetting their balance, though he knows that James would be eager. James adores Nick and delights when Merante Bane gets lucky with random fans.

Nick has made big plans for the Solstice Ball, a charity event the Blue Moon Club has hosted for 10 years now. The vamps create a frenzy at the party, having less time to be out and about on the shortest night of the year, and Nick wants them all to have amazing entertainment, so he’s arranged the best in drag to appear. A week before the big event, a fire tears through the Blue Moon Club. James and Nick rush to the scene and meet the watch commander of the fire brigade, Phill Warrington, who is coordinating the efforts to quell the blaze. Unexpectedly, Phil’s earnestness stokes a fire in Nick, and it’s more than a passing fancy. The Blue Moon is out as far as hosting the Solstice Ball, and that leaves Nick almost more distraught than James, who is too overwhelmed with insurance issues to consider re-planning the Ball in an alternate venue.

But, Nick’s friends, the other Queens, get involved to help find another location and save the Ball from cancellation. Meanwhile, Nick’s contacting Phil on his private number to find out if there are any updates on the cause of the fire – or if this sexy man is willing to put out the flames firing up Nick. James is super excited that Nick has found a burly stud who might be willing to make a throuple, and encourages Nick to fully explore all options in that direction.

This is a sexy novella with a committed couple looking to expand their lives with a suitable partner. Phil is human, but he’s definitely cool with both vampires and a poly connection–and it seems that’s all they desire at the moment. While tragedy initially connected James, Nick, and Phil, the story easily transitioned to providing both satisfaction and comfort for all the characters. This was a straightforward, short read with fully open and loving relationships. The pacing was great and all the plot points made sense. I could fully imagine myself in a London district with vampires and humans having reasonable contact with one another. Beyond that, the conversations between Nick and James, and Nick and Phil, are honest and direct. I really liked how thoughtful Nick was about turning humans into vampires. Phil’s approaching his late thirties and has experience as a third; he respects the openness and honesty that Nick and James share. Phil wants Nick, and he’s fully interested in James having some part in the sexy times, whatever that looks like.

If you like poly stories and paranormal reads, this novella was fun and sexy with an enjoyable happy ending.