snow place like LA coverRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

While working on a movie set in Vermont, Luca thought all of his dreams were coming true when Angel kissed him. They spent a month together just them two of them and Luca fell hard. But everything changed when they were traveling back home to Los Angeles and Angel got on a plane headed to Paris instead. Luca was so incredibly hurt, he blocked Angel in every possible way.

Now, Angel is back in LA and turns up on set once again and Luca’s heart can’t take it. The men are not good at communicating and Luca thinks he owns all of the hurt. The chemistry is still there between them, however, and Luca still wants Angel to be his person, if he would only slow down long enough to let the man in.

Snow Place Like LA is book 1.5 in Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone’s A Christmas Notch series. The series is primarily M/F and Luca and Angel were introduced in the first book, A Merry Little Meet Cute. The books are set in the same world where Angel’s father is the owner of a porn movie production company that has branched out to make mainstream, Hallmark-style movies.

While at the airport supposedly heading home to LA, Angel has a change of plans and goes to Paris without telling Luca. There were several reasons for this and Angel was planning on getting in contact with Luca and explaining, but before Angel had that chance, Luca blocked him.

Luca survived growing up in small town Oregon and, when he came to LA, he promised himself that he would never let himself be hurt again and that he would never apologize. He’s so wrapped up in recreating himself and protecting himself that he doesn’t stop to think that Angel could have insecurities of his own. Luca has a big personality and it makes sense that the book is told solely from his point of view, as he would inevitably take over Angel’s point of view anyway.

This is the story of the men finding their way back to each other and it’s bumpy, funny, infuriating, sweet, and heated as Luca and Angel get the happy ever after they both desperately crave from the other. If you are missing the holidays, this book has a touch of Christmas, and if not, it’s the perfect summer read to satisfy your craving for light-hearted romance.