three hearts on the line coverRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Dexen has a successful career and his family’s name is on half the town where he lives. Dex’s main business is the exclusive club he owns and he’s busy. But his heart still longs for two different men after their respective relationships imploded.

Greer is great at his security job and thrives on keeping the people close to him safe. He’s a larger, muscular guy and people always have a specific first impression of him. While he can hold his own, Greer likes a quiet life and wants someone who wants him for more than sex. He wanted that with Dex, but Dex pushed him away without a lot of communication. When there is a spark between him and JJ, they want to include Dex in their lives once again as well.

JJ is recognizable, as he shares his last name with his father who is a mafia boss. JJ wants nothing to do with his father and has tried to carve out a life for himself, but his father’s hold has a long reach. JJ was in love with Dex, but when he felt betrayed, he ended things, destroying both of their hearts in the process. It’s been years since JJ has been with Dex, but his heart has never forgotten the man. When JJ starts to see Greer differently, they take things slowly and discuss how to get back where he belongs—with the two of them. But Dex has built plenty of walls to try and keep his heart safe and protect those he loves, and there are still others out there that want to take them all down.

Three Hearts on the Line is the second book in the Three Ties series and follows the first book, Three Ties to Bind, and the series revolves around relationships with three men. The men in this book, Dex, Greer, and JJ, were introduced in the first story and I felt there was a better flow to have read that book first.

This book’s strength is the relationships and the characters. I liked all three men when they were introduced previously, but there was a little mystery to them and, of course, there is a lot more to learn than was previously shown.

JJ is now working with his cousin, Perry, at his father’s insistence and he won’t admit to the man that he likes it more than he thought he would. JJ is able to make a real contribution and keep his auto garage going at the same time. It’s also where JJ meets Greer. JJ knows he has a lot of baggage due to who is father is, but he still wants a relationship for himself. Greer often finds himself in situations where men want him for sex, but not for more than that. He has a lot to give and is really longing for someone to share his life with. They think it will be a challenge to get Dex on their side, as Dex is all closed off in the personal department, but if he had to do it over again, he would protect JJ every time.

JJ and Greer both have a history with Dex and we are told about that, not shown. Also, when JJ and Greer first start dating, we are told about their dates instead of shown and I would have liked to see more. At times, the writing didn’t feel like it was settled. There were style breaks that took me from being really into the story, to there being a preachy moment, to overly purple prose, to clunky setups for the characters of the next book. Also, for me, the mafia and mystery aspect is not the strength of the series and the personal side with the three men worked much better for me.

Overall, as far as the relationship, I liked how these three men came together and worked on a relationship that included all three of them. We do see the characters from the first book and get setup for the men in the third and final book and I am interested in catching up with all of these men once more.

Joyfully Jay