Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Xaiden, Val, and Corbin. Three men from different backgrounds with different life experiences, but all of them are looking for that connection, for that piece that will make them whole.

Xaiden was in love as a teen and a traumatic experience changed the course of his life forever. He has only had hookups over the years and, while he has never been interested in men, both Corbin and Val call to him. Val was abused as a child and took several wrong turns until he landed a stable job. He hasn’t met anyone that completely lights him up the way both Xaiden and Corbin do, and Val is ready to take the next step. Corbin was blindsided when his wife wanted a divorce and, when she had a better lawyer, Corbin gave her a good chunk of his money. He’s dedicated to his job as an ER doctor and now doesn’t know how to take his interest in men out for a test drive.

The men fall into a relationship quickly and become everything to each other. But they all have unresolved pasts and none of them are good at communicating. To make this work for all time, the men will have to let each other in like they never have before.

Three Souls Who Break is the third book in Michelle Dare’s Three Ties series. I feel it is beneficial to have read what has come before, as the main characters appeared in the previous books and their lives are already intertwined.

This book is deeper on character development, as all three men have deep emotional and psychological baggage. Xaiden is still haunted and tormented by an act of violence that took away someone important to him. He has mental health issues that stem from this and he never thought he was interested in men. Val was abused as a child and got caught up with the wrong people, but that put him in the path of JJ (from earlier in the series) and that turned his life around. Val is a virgin and he’s ready to not be one anymore, but he never found anyone that he was that interested in. Corbin has always known he was attracted to men, but when he married a woman, he closed that part of himself off. Now, he’s ready to open that part of himself up, but he has no idea how and is embarrassed about everything.

I liked all three of the characters here, but the pace of this book was a little off for me. The way the men got together and were so deeply invested was fast and I never felt the chemistry between them as much as the previous MCs in the series. There is also a lot packed into this book. Besides the issues with individual men, there is drama brought down on all of them and the over-the-top drama at the end was a little too much for me.

I do like this series showing three men in a relationship being accepted, but I thought this one didn’t really capture how this would work on a day-to-day basis, especially given the developments at the end of the book. I also felt that the overreaching story line from the series wasn’t fully satisfied here. There is a spin off series that will feature characters introduced throughout this series. Rock stars will always get my attention and I plan to come back and check out their stories.