Today I am so pleased to welcome Meraki P. Lyhne to Joyfully Jay. Meraki has come to talk to us about a new release, Anchored in Stone. Meraki has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Dominic went to the table and let the sphere sink back into the sleeping mortal’s body. He released the bonds that incapacitated the old man, which started the mortal awake, but Dominic didn’t wait for him to get his bearings. He hauled the mortal off the table and dragged him to a wall, where he shackled him.

Edward came through and looked puzzled at the empty table.

“Right here,” Dominic said. “Your trial? Has anyone…”

“Yes, they’ve gathered my memories and are sifting through them now, trying to find his mother.” Edward sat on a pile of stone from a collapsed wall that Dominic had arranged into a sofa and layered with blankets and a couple of old pillows. Dominic left him to his thoughts and gave the inquisitor bread and water.

“I remember a woman about those times that I would really, really wish to be his mother,” Edward said.

“You wish her to be a witch?”

“No, no! But I loved her. She had in her a potential of unspoken…undistinguishable greatness of…oh, God, what if that was her witch energy that I noticed but couldn’t recognize. But I saw energy for me. I saw a deep wish for being something that she couldn’t become without guidance. Something she couldn’t overcome on her own, and I tried! I tried to help her, befriend her father so that I would be trusted around her. She was afraid. Always so afraid, but never of me. She was so beautiful and kind, and I’d never seen…” Edward seemed to remember where he was and, to Dominic’s regret, what kind of Earned he was with.

“I remember love.” Dominic moved a little closer to sit on another less arranged pile of rocks, hoping Edward would continue.

“Has he told you of my son yet?” Edward pointed in the direction of the old inquisitor.

Dominic nodded and contemplated how best to tell this father enough yet hold back details. “What happened to her? The one you wish to be his mother?” he asked instead.

“She let me seduce her. I fought hard and long to let her release her dreams and follow them, and she said she would. We agreed to go away together so I could help her live out her dreams. She hadn’t told me what they were yet, and my infatuation with her didn’t help the situation. We made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. But I woke up alone. Her father said that she’d come home, kissed them both goodbye, and joined a convent.”


anchored in stone coverChronicles of an Earned, Book 1

The easiest heist in Alex Rhoden’s career is also the most dangerous of all.

Kaleb was born in a convent in France in 1593.

16 years later, he was deemed a witch and burned at the stake.

But he didn’t die.

He couldn’t burn.

The Church had another weapon against his kind, though, and they anchored him in a stone.

Four hundred twenty years later, the young art thief Alex Rhoden is sent on the easiest heist of his career.

Getting that stone was no problem.

But he’s not the only one looking for it.

Kaleb is feared among his own because he’s the product of the forbidden unity between a demigod and a witch. Learning to control his powers and be a normal teenage boy is half the battle. The other is to protect Alex from known and unknown adversaries.


meraki P. Lyhne bio imageMeraki P. Lyhne is a Danish author who mainly writes contemporary paranormal and space opera, some with a HEA, some with a HFN, and some with white-knuckling cliffhangers. Some of it is sweet, some of it is hot, and some of it tethers on the border to the dark.

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