Today I am so pleased to welcome J.P. Sayle to Joyfully Jay. J.P. has come to talk to us about a new release, Magic, Demons, and the Hunter. The author has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!


Exclusive Excerpt

A familiar worry line appeared between Quilliam’s white brows. “I’m here anytime you want to talk.”

A sob rose against Pierre’s will. He nodded and gave a quick wave and darted out the door, keeping his head down, not wanting to show his distress to anyone walking on the street when it could be someone he knew.

He barely managed to stop himself from colliding with a man. Not looking up, he mumbled, “Sorry.”

Darting around the figure, his nose twitched, and his skunk became alert.

“No harm, no foul,” a deep, husky voice said.

Pierre was already past the man when two things registered at once. His birthmark was tingling crazily, and the voice was familiar.

He spun around to watch the guy’s retreating back disappear into the doorway he’d just exited. His hand went to his shoulder and fright had him running the short distance to Enchanted Ink.

Atlas glanced up from whatever he was looking at as Pierre barged through the door, causing it to hit the wall and bounce off. “Someone set fire to your pants?”

A buxom, tatted blonde dressed in head to toe leather sat at his side, grinning maniacally at Pierre. It was hard not to be weirded out by the recent addition when she was the exact opposite of Atlas. Perky was not what Pierre was used to.


magic demons and the hunter coverEnchanted Ink, Book 2

Three men, destined to be together. Two believe their third is dead. The third doesn’t even know his mates exist.

Mondo suffers from a five-year-old hole in his memory and recurrent dreams of two men. On a mission to Salem to determine if demons are murdering humans, his life becomes complicated when the two men are no longer in his head but a reality.

Pierre is struggling. A shocking discovery forces him to make a decision that will bring him face to face with his past – and confront his own guilt.

Eli blames himself for not saving their mate. When he learns the ancestral crystal used in the traumatic events of five years ago is missing a piece, he goes in search of answers, only to find himself back in the same situation. Except this time he could lose everything.

Magic, Demons and the Hunter is book 2 in Enchanted Ink series where for a price, master tattooists can place a beautiful spell directly onto your skin. Want to be wealthy? Beautiful? Loved? You’ve come to the right place. Just make sure the price you’ll pay is worth it as the cost isn’t always in gold.


J.P. Sayle bio photoI’m Jayne or JP, and my pen names are, J Paton (Crime), JP Sayle (MM paranormal, romance) and Jayne Paton (M/F romance). I live in the Isle of Man which is a tiny place in the Irish sea where all the magic happens. I’m a confessed bookaholic and if I’m not writing I love to snuggle with a book or two…if you catch my drift.

I’ve a wondering heart, a love of the sea and travelling to different places. Some of the places I’ve been, can be found in my world of books all you need to do is open the pages.

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