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Exclusive Excerpt

Colby drained the last of his glass before rising. “Should I open another bottle?”

“Sure,” Luca said. “If you want to.”

Colby did. He needed the liquid encouragement. After disappearing into the small pantry, he chose another bottle and returned to the dining room.

Luca and Ash rested their bottoms on the table’s edge on either side of where he’d been sitting.

“What’s going on?”

Luca pulled the bottle from his hands and set it behind them on the surface of the table. He turned back, heat and need in his eyes. “I don’t know, Colby. What’s going on?”

A tremor raced down Colby’s spine. “I don’t know.”

Luca reached out and grasped Colby’s waistband. He tugged Colby closer, chest to chest.

“I’m messy. I haven’t changed out of my work stuff.” While he’d washed the slip and clay off his hands and arms, and dusted off his shirt, there were still remnants of his workday left behind. He should’ve changed before eating, but there hadn’t seemed time. Luca, on the other hand, was fresh as a daisy after they’d worked in the studio.

“Then let’s get that out of the way,” Luca murmured, freeing Colby of the shirt.

It came off way too easily. Bare chested, he recoiled, pulling away from Luca.

“What’s wrong?” Luca asked.

Colby glanced down to the ugly side of his body, snatching the shirt to cover his scars. “I’m horrific.”

Luca tugged him closer again. “No, you’re not.”

Ash moved behind him, dropping kisses onto his scarred shoulder.

“You’re still the same man you were before the curse, are you not?” Ash asked.

But you didn’t know me before the curse. “Yes, I’m the same person. Mostly.”

“What’s changed?” Luca asked, his lips too close to Colby’s for good sense to prevail.

“I—I—” Colby breathed deep, attempting to calm his raw nerves. “I can’t say I’m completely unchanged after learning about witches, and demons, and familiars. An entire world I never realized existed is suddenly real. I mean, next you’ll tell me the boogeyman is real.”

Ash snickered behind him, and he wondered for a second if it was.

Luca reached out and tucked a few strands of his hair behind one ear, the barest touch from a finger causing Colby to lose his mind. “Now you know… and are better for it.”

“I could’ve lived the rest of my life not knowing about demons.”

Ash chuckled, his warm breath brushing along the back of Colby’s neck. “So could we all.”

Luca attempted to peel the shirt from his fingers, but Colby only clung harder. “I look like a monster. How either of you want me like this, I don’t even understand.” It was hard enough looking at his own reflection in the mirror.

“It’s only skin deep,” Luca murmured, trailing a light fingertip over the scars. “I’m attracted to more than just the outer shell. I want what’s inside. How about you, Ash?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Ash murmured, laying more kisses over one scarred shoulder.


only skin deep coverEnchanted Ink, Book 1

Welcome to the world of Enchanted Ink! For a price, master tattooists can place a beautiful spell directly onto your skin. Want to be wealthy? Beautiful? Loved? You’ve come to the right place. Just make sure the price you’ll pay is worth it as the cost isn’t always in gold.
Luca Galioto can tattoo just about any spell, but he specializes in healing tattoos. He’ll need to create his masterpiece after his mate, and Salem PD detective, Ash Montgomery brings in a human suffering a curse to end all curses. Luca uses every ounce of strength to save the man—because they both sense he’s their third.

Colby Kennedy doesn’t believe in witches, demons, fated mates, and the things that go bump in the night. Yet he struggles to ignore the deep-seated lust he feels every time he looks at Luca and Ash. No matter his need, he has his brother to care for and a business to run. He doesn’t have time for nonsense.

The demons don’t stop coming, putting everything he holds dear in jeopardy. Luca and Ash, and the coven at Enchanted Ink, are the only things keeping him and his brother from losing everything.

But can he accept their world and his place in it before it’s too late?


kelex bio picInternational bestselling gay romance and erotica author, Kelex, lives in the Hampton Roads Virginia area with her twenty-something kidult and two fluffy masses of fur who love to bark at the mailman or any other being who dares to approach their realm.

She loves to create, whether it’s words on the page, gourmet meals, painting, baking, or textile manipulation.

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