news and notes badgeHi all! This is just an update to let you know that the company that hosts the blog will be migrating my server to a new data center at some point on Thursday, August 10th (PST). Apparently it is being “manually relocated” from one location to the other, which will mean downtime while they move it and set it up in the new location.

The good news is they tell me this will result in faster speeds and other behind-the-scenes improvements. The bad news is that I am not getting a lot of specifics about the timing or exactly how long the site will be down, unfortunately.

Here is what I have been told:

During your move, your services will temporarily be offline. The move will take place during the 24 hour window of August 10th (PST), to ensure minimal disruption to your service. You can expect between 2-4 hours of downtime for us to complete this work, though we expect the actual downtime will be less for most customers.

So at this point, I am not sure exactly when it is happening, but assume at some point on August 10th the site will be unreachable for a few hours. I’m hoping that we are up and running quickly, but I’ll keep you all updated as I get news.


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