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Length: Novel


Milo and Mungo have been best friends for years. While Milo is light and colorful, Mungo is solid. They have only ever been friends, and when Mungo wants more, when he wants it all with Milo, Milo isn’t ready. And while Mungo’s heart is devastated, their friendship endures. Then, when Milo realizes that Mungo is exactly everything he wants and makes his own move, Mungo has already met someone. Milo doesn’t fully explain himself, though, and life moves on with Mungo moving in with his new man.

Milo tries to be happy for Mungo, but their friendship shifts and Milo notices Mungo isn’t quite himself. All the things that make Mungo happy about himself start evaporating until Mungo looks almost nothing like the man Milo knows so well. When Milo confronts him, things go poorly and their friendship fractures. There are things going on in Mungo’s relationship that Milo doesn’t know, that Mungo doesn’t want him to know, and once Mungo’s secret is exposed, it will take patience from Milo to build Mungo’s confidence again.

Cloud Nine is the third book in Hill’s Nailed It! series. I have not read the previous books and Milo and Mungo’s story mostly stands on its own. There are cameos from previous MCs, but they are a supporting cast and, while I did wonder if any of Milo and Mungo’s earlier story was in the prior books, I did know this was further into the series and it was not an issue.

Milo and Mungo have been close friends for years. They are both lawyers and where Mungo is more serious of the two, people underestimate Milo. Milo is lean and light and dresses to his advantage and people are surprised again and again at his wit and intelligence. Everyone but Mungo. Mungo wanted all of Milo and everything with him, but Milo wasn’t ready. But now that Milo is ready, Mungo has moved on…mostly. Except, it’s not the HEA Mungo was expecting.

While this book deals with a serious subject, it wasn’t an overly intense book for me. Mungo wants a forever relationship and he thought he found that with his new man, but his boyfriend is controlling and abusive and Mungo feels like it’s all his fault and doesn’t know how to get out.

It’s a slow burn to get Milo and Mungo together. At the halfway mark of the book, they weren’t together as a couple yet, but their connection was evident and the book is filled with plenty of hurt and plenty of comfort.

Milo and Mungo are meant to be together, but it’s not an easy road to get them there. But once they do get there, it’s clear they are forever end goals. I do enjoy Hill’s writing and will definitely be looking for more books from this author.

Joyfully Jay