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Length: Novel


Dragon’s Stand is the fifth book in Nora Phoenix’s Irresistible Dragons series and follows directly after Dragon’s Magic. This series must be read in order and there may be mild spoilers for previous books in this review.

Yitro, Fallon, and Duer are trying to figure out their lives now that they know they are mates. With Fallon’s heat rapidly approaching, the three men have to work together to get Fallon through it without anyone compromising. It takes a lot of communication, but it’s satisfying for everyone and brings the men closer together. But Yitro is weeks away from delivering the Alpha’s heir. Fallon and Duer know nothing about babies, and they are trying to learn everything they can before he’s born. On top of that, they are all trying to work through their feelings and how to progress in their relationship.

When the baby is born, the whole Hightower pack and the Doyle Clan feel the power the baby brings to their group. But the mates don’t have long to settle into their new relationship before Fallon feels something is amiss. Putting on bravery he’s never had to show before, he saves Erwan and the pack/clan before dark magic can be used. But it sets other things in motion, as Fallon pieces together some of the mystery that has plagued them.

Yitro, Fallon, and Duer are able to figure out how to be good mates to each other, as well as good parents to the baby, along with Rhene and Erwan. But that’s only one hurdle the pack/clan face. With the Murphys still out to get them, and the dragon council set to meet, Erwan and Rhene have to take a huge step in order to bring justice to those who have wronged them.

More than any of the other books in this series, Dragon’s Stand focuses more on the relationship side of things than the bigger plot points that weave through the series. This makes sense, as originally the author intended for this relationship to only span one book. But it was smart for Phoenix to break it up into two installments, as it really gives time for the relationship to develop.

Considering the baggage that these three men carry, and the lives they led before coming to the pack, it’s well deserved. Duer and Fallon, in particular, have been horribly abused and have a lot of healing to do before they can truly embrace their fate. Yitro has had his share of bad times as well, and the timing wasn’t great for fate to step in. But one of the best parts of this story is how much communicating the three men do, and the healing journey these men are. Duer especially has come a long way, not only into healing from his capture, but to understanding himself and how he can best support the men he comes to love. I loved watching these three finally understand themselves and embrace their relationship, as well as they way they all support each other and lean on one another.

Of course, there’s a lot of other stuff going on here as well. Yes, the book mostly focuses on the main three. But it also advances the plot for Rhene and Erwan as they seek to right wrongs and find justice for dragons and wolves alike. Finlay shows up to make an exciting offer to Erwan. Riordan, Jermon, and Wilmer’s eggs finally hatch, which brings a whole other host of surprises. And Delton makes an unexpected declaration that has me suspecting some interesting twists in an upcoming book. Phoenix lays the groundwork for a lot more to come that will carry through as the series continues without overshadowing the major plot points of this book.

All in all, this was a fitting conclusion to Yitro, Fallon, and Duer’s story, even though it certainly isn’t the end. They have found a good place in their relationship, their love is solid, and they are continuing to heal. But there is so much more to come for the pack/clan as a whole and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where it goes.