Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story


If you love something, set it free. That’s the old adage, anyway, but if you truly love something, shouldn’t you continue to take care of it? Like his father’s pigeons. Derek loves them, but he’s hardly going to open the cage doors and let them fly off. Who would feed them? Who would care for them when they got hurt, have warm nests for them, and give them the best grain and fresh water? No, when Derek loves something, he holds on to it, much as he’s held on to his father’s house, much as he wants to hold on to Avery.

Avery is a strange duck — er, pigeon — who just appeared one day. He’s sweet and friendly, honest and forthright, and being held in his arms makes Derek feel safe. Having been alone for too long, with only pigeons for company, Avery is a breath of sunlight in Derek’s dismal world. And Avery loves him, loves him as much as Derek loves Avery. That’s the only reason Derek has for what he did. Because he can’t lose Avery. He can’t.

This is a quick, light, fairytale story involving pigeons and poor decisions. There’s a greater focus on the beginning, as Derek figures out what’s going on (eventually), and discovers Avery’s secret than there is on their relationship, which is mostly off page. For all that, there’s a certain charm to the story. I mean, a pigeon shifter?  And yet, it’s taken seriously, while still having that light, fluffy fairytale air.

This is a fun story, and one I hope you give a try.