Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


It’s a big day for Eli, as it’s graduation day for his MBA program. He’s excited to graduate and excited to be going on a vacation to his first Pride event with his boyfriend. But Eli’s boyfriend of two years breaks up with him right before the ceremony with a text. Eli decides he’s still going away and heads to the small town of Split Rock.

Eli’s first night there, he catches the eye of bar owner, Hunter, who intervenes when Eli is the target of an unwanted admirer. Eli isn’t used to flings and he’s certainly not looking for a rebound hookup, but the chemistry between him and Hunter has him rethinking everything. However, hookups are the only things that Hunter does and he doesn’t like repeats. But their personal tastes match up and their first night together is on fire and Hunter finds himself breaking his own rules. Eli is only there for a week and both men know life doesn’t change in a week—or does it?

Something Unintended is set in the Split Rock Ranch universe. It can be read as a standalone, although there are references to other characters with brief cameos. I like this small town and the stories that have come before this one and it was fun to revisit Split Rock in a shorter story.

Eli was supposed to be happy getting his degree and going away with his boyfriend. Instead, he’s alone and blindsided that his boyfriend was cheating on him. Eli is looking to open a business as a jewelry designer and now he has the education he needs to hopefully launch a successful business. He’s nervous about attending Pride events alone, but the town is welcoming and Eli fits in easily.

Hunter stakes his claim on Eli early on and their initial meeting and chemistry is well done. Everyone seems to know of Hunter’s kink before Eli does and even though he never found himself wanting that before, Hunter makes Eli’s  blood run hot and hotter.

Hunter is a bit older than Eli, but it’s not an issue and the men fit nicely together as Eli enjoys small town life. The pace of the book was great all the way through and I liked how their story played out. The epilogue made the book falter for me and I would have liked to see that go in an entirely different direction.

This is a good read for those times you want a shorter book and a great way to visit the town of Split Rock.

Joyfully Jay