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Length: Novel


Connor thought his life was going well. He likes his job as an events coordinator and lives with his boyfriend. Sure, things haven’t been going as well in his relationship and sure, Connor notices the hot, older fireman upstairs, but Connor is committed to making his relationship work…until the unthinkable happens. Connor is handed a newborn to care for and his boyfriend, who wants no part of it, walks out.

At 49, Will is still single. He has twin sons who are grown and his work as a firefighter keeps him busy. So, he checks out the younger man, Connor, in his building, but he’s just looking. When tragedy takes over Connor’s life, Will is there to help and, while he doesn’t want to overstep, the men are falling hard for each other.

Connor knows getting involved with Will means getting serious fast, as he now has a newborn, and Will has to decide if he’s ready to raise a child again while starting a new relationship.

There’s a lot of hurt/comfort in Where There’s a Will, the first book in a new series from Anna Sparrows. Connor is overwhelmed when his sister dies and he is handed a newborn. Connor knew that this is what his sister wanted, but he never thought it would actually happen. Now, Connor is dealing with the grief of losing his sister, figuring out how to handle a newborn, and being alone after his boyfriend leaves. He knew Will casually from living in the same building and always thought he was hot and Will steps in to help Connor as he can’t just watch him struggle and also he is attracted to Connor. It’s a balancing act for sure, as Will doesn’t ever want to feel like he’s taking advantage of Connor, but Connor never feels that and looks forward to all of the time he gets to spend with Will.

We get a good sense of where Will is in his life and his hesitations about dating a younger man. Both men know they can’t have a casual relationship at this point and Will is already bonded to the baby and their relationship gets serious fast. The men are a good fit for each other as they care for each other and the baby, as Will gets to be a parent at a different stage in his life and Connor experiences it for the first time.

With everyone going on, however, the book felt flat to me at some points. Will and Connor’s intimate scenes landed like all of the other scenes and there wasn’t that hard hitting emotion that I expected. I also would have liked a little more on how the baby survived the accident that took Connor’s sister’s life, as there were too few details on that. There were events that were too predictable for me and then areas that wrapped up too easily without the follow up I would have liked. I did like Will’s sons, who are supportive and added a nice family dynamic to the story, and one of the sons has his own story coming up next. I am interested in that story and liked the world here overall and would look into returning again for the next book in the series.

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