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Hello Joyfully Jay, 

And thank you so much for giving me the chance to hop on your blog today and share with you an exclusive excerpt from the Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy. This excerpt comes from book two in the trilogy – Eradicate. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Exclusive Excerpt

Life had taught Stefan that circumstances could turn to shit on a dime. There was never any warning, and even if there was, that warning was never as dire as the upcoming event. After asking the chef, who’d already taken his shoes off and was having a break in anticipation of them leaving, if they could have a pot of tea and a few snacks, Stefan made his way into their living room. Jasmine was an example of ‘one of these things just doesn’t belong here’. 

Lucifer was standing on the opposite side of the room from where Jasmine was trying to cuddle into their couch. She was clearly a striking woman or could be when she was fully dressed. She was trying to impress on Lucifer the necessity of him looking for her brothers when Stefan walked in. 

“What’s going on?” Stefan perched on the chair Lucifer was standing beside, pleased when Lucifer immediately dropped a hand onto his shoulder. 

“The people who took Levi and Alexi gave her the card with explicit instructions to give it to me.” Lucifer was flicking it around his fingers, but Stefan took it off him. 

“If it was meant for you, it will contain a message or some form of tracking spell.” Leaning forward, Stefan grabbed hold of one of a set of side tables, pulling it closer. “Unless Jasmine is the messenger,” he added, looking up at his mate. 

“Focus on the card first.” 

Confident his mate could watch him and Jasmine at the same time, Stefan laid the card on the table and surrounded it in a translucent bubble. There were no apparent marks or indents, even where the letters were emblazoned, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any. Pulling a mechanical ant from his inner waistcoat pocket, Stefan rubbed over the ant muttering a sub-vocal spell. A moment later he let it loose on the table, pleased that Lucifer didn’t say anything until the ant was well inside the bubble. 

“We’ll know in a minute,” Stefan said, leaning back in his chair. “So, Jasmine, why would the Brethren be interested in Lucifer? It was international news when he and I were mated – between his prestigious family name and the fuss we kicked up about the rights of anchors everywhere, even if they insisted on him joining their cause, he wouldn’t be any use to them. Our life threads and magic are joined so he can’t work without me.”

“I don’t have to talk to you, anchor.” The side of Jasmine’s lip curled. “I got told to bring Lucifer that card so I could get my brothers back.” 

“Then your job is done,” Lucifer said firmly. “Stefan and I will ensure there’s no danger attached to this card, and then we have business in New York. I’ll get someone to see you out.”

“What about Levi and Alexi?” Jasmine cried, jumping to her feet. “How can you find them if you don’t have all the details? You don’t even know where they were taken from or how.” 

“Why should that be my problem, Jasmine, especially when you’re so damned rude to my mate. And you didn’t give a shit about my brother when we had to dispose of that vampire coven alone. I don’t even know why you’re here. I don’t know why the Brethren, whoever the hell they are, think you have some say or hold over me.”

“Everyone knows we’re friends.” Jasmine wrung her hands in front of her. 

“We used to be friends,” Lucifer corrected. “Leaving so-called friends to die because you thought it was more fun to party the night away is not behavior I want in my friends, especially ones I work with.”

“It was a long time ago,” Jasmine begged. “Let it go.” 

“Let it fucking go?” Lucifer scoffed. “My brother almost dies from blood loss thanks to being attacked by half a dozen vampires and you tell me to let it go. Fine. Consider it gone. Poof, out of my head, just like my friendship with you and your brothers. I don’t work as a steward anymore, so I am no use to you at all. You need to go to the new offices for anchors. They will take your complaint seriously and send out stewards to find your brothers.”

“If you find my brothers, you’ll find the heart of the Brethren. As a group, they’re growing every day and there’re really influential people agreeing with their ideas. Surely that’s important to you.” 


magic users of greenford series imageLucifer Fireborn is a high magic user with a taste for the high life. He spends his days, along with his anchor brother Darwin, chasing the rogue magic users who don’t follow the rules all magic users live by. When his brother claims his own fated mate, and can’t anchor for Lucifer anymore, Lucifer has to find someone else to anchor for him, or risk setting everything and everyone around him on fire. But there’s a problem… Lucifer really doesn’t want anyone drooling over him, because that’s what people do.

Stefan de Marco is homeless again. Ranking as one of the highest scoring anchors in the country doesn’t count for anything when a man leaves his employ just so he can keep his pants on. It’s not the first time he’s been in that situation, and with his familiar Garrick, Stefan gets by. He was raised in the Trades Sector and he knows the value of hard work. When his path crosses with a desperate Lucifer, sparks fly, but not the ones Lucifer was hoping for.

Underneath it all is the insidious Brethren who believe high magic users should be able to use their magic without the grounding effects of an anchor. They seek to enslave or kill anchors in their bid to gain attention. Lucifer and Stefan have to find a way to work together to bring down the organization, but it’s not an easy thing to do when the two men come from different sides of the track.

The Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy should be read in order. It follows the one couple, Lucifer and Stefan, as they learn to manage their magic, and their love for each other in the face of adversity.

Warnings: Some violence.

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Lisa Oliver logoLisa Oliver lives in the wilds of New Zealand, although her beautiful dogs Hades and Zeus are now living somewhere else far more remote than she is. Reports indicate they truly enjoy chasing possums although they still can’t catch them. In the meantime, Lisa is living a lot closer to all her adult kids and grandchildren which means she gets a lot more visitors. However, it doesn’t look like she’s ever going to stop writing – with over one hundred paranormal MM (and MMM) titles to her name so far, she shows no signs of slowing down.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate… and occasionally crackers. She has also started working out, because of the chocolate and the crackers.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers (I really do, lol). You can catch up with her on any of the social media links below.


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