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Felix has been in love with his best friend, Saxon, since they met 13 years ago. He has kept it a secret from Saxon because he doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship. The men live together and have a wonderful connection. Saxon takes care of Felix in all the ways he loves; the only thing missing is that Felix would love Saxon to be his Daddy and for them to have a romantic and sexual relationship, rather than just their incredibly close friendship. The sexual tension is killing Felix, and it only gets worse when he discovers Saxon’s Daddy Cam channel. He knows he shouldn’t watch, but the chance to see the man he loves getting off in front of the camera is too much to ignore.

Saxon loves his friendship with Felix and he loves taking care of him. Saxon doesn’t have a lot of faith in relationships; he has seen his mother and sister’s romantic connections fall apart time and again and he isn’t interested in repeating that himself. So it never really occurs to Saxon to think about more with Felix than the very close friendship (with a healthy dose of caretaking) that they currently have. But once Saxon realizes there is something more between them, he is both thrilled and wary. The idea of having Felix not just as a friend, but as his submissive, seems amazing. But Saxon is afraid to make a move, worried about ruining things.

Both Saxon and Felix want each other, and both men are afraid to lose their close bond. Now, the men have to take a chance and be honest with their feelings, and they may find a way to have everything they ever wanted with each other.

Daddy Cam is a fun and sexy, best-friends-to-lovers, Daddy Dom story. Felix and Saxon are super sweet and sexy together as they figure out how to move their friendship to something more. It is clear from the start how much these guys adore each other. Saxon dotes on Felix and takes care of him, and Felix revels in having someone who looks out for him. They are basically platonic Daddy and boy already, and they just have to figure out how to move forward into the romantic/sexual relationship that they both clearly want. Neuhold is so good with creating a light, playful tone and giving it a big dose of sexiness and she brings that once again to this story. There is some nice humor, a lot of heat, and a really sweet connection between the men.

The plot of this one is pretty much exclusively watching these guys both realize they want more with each other and then getting out of their own way to get it. Not much else is happening here, so there is a slow build of watching the two of them think about being together and then being afraid to act on it. I think, for me, I needed a little more here storywise, or else maybe some tightening before the guys get together, as this wavering went on a little long for me.

I also found myself really confused by the fact that these guys seemingly never have talked to each other about anything related to their romantic, sexual, or dating lives, or their interest in Daddy/boy kink. Not only are the roommates, they are best friends and basically live in each other’s pockets. Saxon takes care of virtually every aspect of Felix’s life, right down to undoing his tie and taking his shoes off for him when he comes home from work every day. They have been best friends and lived together for thirteen years. But somehow, in all this time, neither man has ever mentioned to the other they are into kink? Also, neither man has had any awareness when the other is in a serious relationship. Felix says he was dating someone seriously for six months and Saxon had no idea. Even if he never brought the guy over, he never mentioned having a boyfriend to his best friend and roommate? Saxon, who seems to know every step Felix takes, never noticed he was gone on dates or spending time with someone else, particularly given that they live together? It just didn’t make sense to me and I am not really sure how it advanced the story to have them so unaware of this major aspect of each other’s lives. It isn’t a huge deal, it just kept drawing my attention because the whole thing didn’t make much sense to me in the context of the relationship as presented.

One thing I really appreciated is how Saxon’s sex work is presented without shame or judgment. When Felix finds out Saxon is a cam worker, he is turned on like crazy at the idea of Saxon’s videos and he has no negativity about it at all. Even once they start dating, Felix is hot at the idea that other people are seeing Saxon and wanting him and only Felix gets the real man. I also appreciated the nod to the fact that Saxon had concerns that his cam work might impact a future job, something I think is sometimes glossed over in books. So I think this is handled nicely in a variety of ways.

Overall, I feel like this book delivers nicely on exactly what is promised. This is a fun, friends-to-lovers story, with high heat and a really sweet dynamic between two best friends who finally manage to figure out how to keep their friendship and get their romance along with it.

Note: This story was was originally published as Daddy’s Toy as part of the Dirty Daddies anthology, but has been significantly expanded and republished as a novel.

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