Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Logan Fleet is working undercover, waiting for the appearance of the man he is investigating, Igor Sidorov. In the meantime, he is watching Zion Dash, a painter who the syndicate leader has been keeping as a companion. They need something to pin on the drug dealer, and Zion might be their best lead. Zion, knows Logan as only the landlord and has no idea Logan is a cop.

But when the night turns dark and stormy, and the two men have had only each other to turn to, secrets come out.

This novella is quick, light, and part of a multi-author collection inspired by World Letter Writing Day. In this book, it’s Zion writing to Igor, wanting his attention … and then not wanting it, as he finds someone else who actually cares for him as a person. While he was with Igor, Zion was simply someone Igor fucked. A pet painter who lived in an apartment Igor paid for, using art supplies Igor gave him, and not much else. It’s been so long since Zion has had a conversation with someone, has been more than either an automaton set to a task or a warm and willing body.

Logan likes Zion, likes his spirit, his warmth, and his sense of humor, which works so well with Logan’s own. He knows he shouldn’t fall for the painter, but Zion’s so lonely — they’re both so lonely — that Logan can’t help but reach out and try to offer comfort. The two of them fall into bed as easily as they fall into their friendship, and it’s all rather sweet.

This is a short novella, quickly paced, with the focus on the growing relationship between Logan and Zion and not the nuts and bolts of taking down a drug kingpin. It’s well written, easy to read, and over before you know it. If you’re a fan of Holly Day, you should enjoy this story.