Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Mordant is the drummer for a well-known rock band and his one rule is “don’t screw the crew.” That hasn’t stopped him from lusting after sound engineer, Pink, ever since Pink joined the crew. Mordant’s response is to ignore Pink to the point that Pink thinks that Mordant despises him. But Pink keeps himself busy with other men and, while Pink doesn’t want a commitment, those men don’t want to let Pink go.

When one of Pink’s exes pushes him down the stairs, he’s surprised that Mordant is the one there to take care of him. But with Pink out of commission and a lot of unknowns between them, neither man has any idea how to make a relationship work for them.

Sounds Complicated is the second book in the Reluctant Rockstar series. This book does work on its own without having read the one before. Pink is short for Charlie Pinkerton, but the unusual name Mordant is never explained.

The book is shorter in length, so their relationship is condensed. When the book opens, the men already know each other, as Pink is part of the crew for Mordant’s band. Since the moment they met, there was a connection, but Mordant likes relationships and Pink doesn’t and Mordant has kept his distance ever since. Mordant is there though to take care of Pink when he is pushed down the stairs and their relationship shifts in ways they weren’t expecting.

There is a lot that this book seemed to want to accomplish in a fewer number of pages. There is the relationship between Pink and Mordant and then the issues with Pink’s exes. There was more than one of Pink’s exes stalking him and there was also an attempt for mild kink to be added. I felt there were too many parts of the storyline for the time available to devote to each one. I do like the characters here, as well as the rock band world, and I would look to see where the series goes next.