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Length: Novel


Landon Stackhouse just got the call he has been dreaming about his entire life—he’s going to the NHL. Even if it’s just temporarily filling in for an injured backup goalie. Landon is thrilled and terrified, even though he knows he won’t get that much time on the ice. Landon is quiet and never knows what to say to people, but his new teammate, Casey Hicks, hardly notices that.

Casey comes from hockey royalty, as his father was a star player in the NHL. Casey’s mind moves fast from one unique idea to the next and he’s chattering about something all the time. He has a big house that he really doesn’t like to live in alone and he offers Landon a place to stay. Casey is easy going and welcoming and he’s so different from Landon, and at times Landon has difficulty simply interacting with Casey and his new teammates. Casey is determined to make Landon’s time on the team memorable, while Landon starts to notice things about Casey that he really hasn’t had much interest in before. Landon has had crushes on people, but he starts thinking about Casey’s eyes and his smile and what it would be like to kiss Casey.

Casey likes everything about Landon and he is patient with him. Spending the holidays together intensifies their feelings and everything feels better and safe for both of them when they are together. However, Landon and Casey’s time of being teammates is coming to an end and heartache seems to be what’s next for them.

This is a standalone book from author Rachel Reid and is an easy, low-angst story of Casey and Landon finding each other. Casey and Landon’s life is all about hockey. For Casey, there was never an option he would do anything else. Landon worked hard on his skills and, when a tragedy changed his family forever, Landon focused on hockey. Landon loves his parents, but he feels guilty and he and his parents have not had the conversation they needed to have for years.

Casey and Landon are incredibly different. Casey is outgoing, bisexual, and is always ready for a new partner for the night. Landon is quiet and introspective and comes across on the asexual spectrum. For the first time, he wants to be physical with someone, but Landon has a lot of fears and anxiety about it. The one thing they do have in common is they feel safe when they are together.

This is a low angst book, which is what you can generally expect from the Carina Adores line. The mild tension comes from Landon figuring himself out and his relationship with his parents and from how Casey and Landon can stay together if the day comes they are not playing on the same team. The men are in their early 20s, but at times seemed even younger than that. This is a gentle book for readers looking for hockey players supported by their team and families, while finding forever love.